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I have been exposed to the brilliant tradition, monuments and works of art of Iran throughout my life, it has always excited me. Ever since I chose literature and creative writing as a career, traces of such joyous fascination have become more tangible in me… So here I am. Traveling, experiencing, enjoying and writing every bit of it so you can experience its magical wonder through my lens!

Carpet In Iran

Carpets and rugs are tongues; They speak to us with their many twists and turns, and for those who know how to listen, it’s a great story of love and endurance, or a very long time.

Buying A Persian Carpet In Iran

As soon as people settled down and started living outside of caves, they must have thought of building something they could put on the ground and stand on. There are many reasons for this, including to feel comfortable, to have a place that is a little cleaner than the rest of the house, where they can easily eat or sleep. It may have helped a lot in keeping them warm at night and during cold periods.

Whether any of these reasons are true or all of them are applicable, the result is the same. People started thinking about what was around them that could be used to create something and that something has come a long way to become what it is today, a rug.

It is inevitable that among many countries of the world, in almost neighboring countries like Iran, India, Turkey, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China, the most famous carpets in the world are produced due to their long history. And human settlement in them for centuries, the development of carpet weaving has its full cycle. These countries are known to the world as the “carpet belt” and each has its own story. However, in this blog, we will focus on Persian carpets and rugs and their many stories of how they came about, their journey and where they are now.

Iran is a big country with diverse climate and different customs and traditions followed by more than 80 million people. With its vastness and diversity come different yet beautiful traditions and lifestyles that are captivating enough to capture the attention of any visitor and leave a remarkable imprint on their minds.

Iran’s Persian Carpet Industry Fears Being Shredded By New Us Sanctions

Due to this vast landscape, many cities are known for their art of carpet weaving. One of the interesting facts is that although you can look at these rugs and see them somewhat similar, because they use certain materials like wool and silk and dye the colors naturally, what texture and what their style is, you will understand if you look more closely. that each city has its own stories and is indeed very different from others.

Introducing this wide range, we can start from the top and talk about Turkmen carpets. They are easily recognized by the colors and patterns of the rug and the style of the rug. First of all, the unique red color of the Turkmen carpet creates a memory in the eyes of anyone who is somewhat familiar with carpets and then with symmetrical patterns. These wool rugs have always been a part of Iranian homes and beyond, but now the trend is to return to them and use them more in home design.

Join us on a 9-day tour focused on Iranian culture, the Persian people and their tradition of carpet weaving as an expression of their ancient tribal identity.

One of the most famous Iranian carpets in the world comes from the city of Tabriz in northwestern Iran. These luxurious, elegant rugs, mostly made of silk, are known for their precise and delicate Iranian patterns and styles. These rugs are usually so thin that they can be used as paintings and hung on the wall. And that’s what their style allows for.

Kashan Carpets Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Especially in the carpets that are designed and produced in Tabriz, due to the fabrics used, which are mainly silk, we see more realistic and diverse styles of carpets, such as people’s faces on the carpet. The further use of the Tabriz carpet is so luxurious and elegant that it can be presented as a gift, which has always happened in history and is one of the reasons for the popularity of Iranian carpets in the world in the first place.

As we move from the city of Tabriz and its suburbs towards the center of Iran, the art of carpet weaving continues with the same intensity, but the texture and materials used are different. The beautiful city of Ardabil, with its mountains and plateaus, has always provided an opportunity for cattle breeding. And when it comes to getting the right material for weaving rugs, wool is the right choice.

Although there are rugs and carpets that are all wool, wool and silk are used together in most places from now on in our introduction. Only the amount of use of an item can vary from place to place. The city of Ardabil is famous for many things, it is also famous for producing some of the most famous Iranian carpets in history, some of which are preserved in art museums such as Vienna.

The cities of Qom and Kashan are located almost in the center of Iran and are world famous for their unique carpets. The main material for weaving carpets in these cities is wool, but the end result is so delicate that it can easily be mistaken for pure silk carpets.

Handmade Carpet Price

Another feature that distinguishes these rugs is their design and style. The unique round and square shapes of these rugs include symmetrical, garden and vase designs to suit every taste and every home.

In the city of Kashan, there is a tradition of carpet weaving that dates back generations and is mainly done by women, which has become a tourist attraction in addition to the carpet itself.

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More and more in the heart of Iran, the old historical city of Isfahan is located with many old monuments and palaces. Throughout history, this city has always been one of the most important cities in Iran and has become the home of many artists and displayed their art in its very long history, and carpet weaving is one of them.

Carpet Museum Of Iran (tehran)

Isfahan carpets, which are more than wool, have attracted a lot of attention. The beautiful tile designs of the magnificent mosques of Isfahan found their way into the artistic designs of carpets and decorated Iranian and non-Iranian homes for a long time.

Nayin is a small town near Isfahan and is very famous for its carpets because they are made with elegance and technique. Like Isfahan carpets, it is mostly made of wool, and these two cities also share motifs, including the famous Guldan motifs.

The city of Kerman, which is located in the east of Iran, is adjacent to the great deserts of Iran, but has beautiful flower gardens and mountain peaks covered with flowers. This diverse ability of the city of Kerman has influenced and shaped the traditions and customs of this city. Someone who lives near the desert knows the art of durability more than others, and durability is one of the first qualities that carpet experts attribute to Kerman rugs and carpets. The beautiful flower-covered mountain peaks and their famous gardens can be seen in the rug patterns and rug styles that are mostly made of wool.

Iran’s nomadic carpets, which have received a lot of attention today, have always been famous among Iranians because of their high quality and of course the stories they tell in their patterns.

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Carpet weaving is mainly the task of nomadic women, as they use wool to make carpets, the fabric of their dreams and visions, a feature that sets these carpets apart from other parts of the world.

Iranian rugs are unique for the reasons mentioned in this blog and others. It is characterized by a large number of knots in each square and different textures, such as carpets, rugs, carpets, rugs, etc.

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