Garden Villa In Iran

Garden Villa In Iran – NEOffice: 3reevilla’s design story is a journey to create a place without the worries of city life. Two trees in the north of the site provide fertilizer for a third tree in the center of the project. In this way, the house is surrounded by three green areas of different levels. It seems that the user separates himself from the flowing curves of the house and dances between nature and sky.

In the first stage of the design, it is important to keep the original wood to achieve the best arrangement. As a concept of nostalgia in historical Iranian architecture, the central courtyard is an open space that not only protects the building from cold and hot weather, but also creates privacy and allows others to collect and enjoy the sunlight at times different. day In this project, the central courtyard in the middle of the second building creates a terrace next to the rooms and provides a unique view from the first floor. As a result of the three separate areas, two courtyards were created in two parts, one at the parking lot and the other at the level of the pool and recreation area. By removing the center of the building, the entrance is widened and the interior space is separated, maintaining visual communication in all areas.

Garden Villa In Iran

Hello NEOffice, I’m David from Aurria World. We are looking for 3D space talent and assets for our currently developing metaverse world. I would be happy to open a conversation with you about our various collaborations on how we can work together to bring your 3D project to life. For the first consultation, we would like to explore the license with you in our 3ree Villa design. Please contact me by e-mail – [email protected] Nice work to you This detached villa in Tehran with an area of ​​1400 square meters is built against the mountain and the garden is located at a height of 17 meters from the road.

Shiraz, Iran, 2022

The facade is covered with natural travertine stone: a famous quality used locally in modern architecture as facade material, wall covering, flooring and Versailles pattern. The desire of the owners to keep their cars on the ground, a 20-meter tunnel was built under the garden, which leads to the parking lot under the villa. The villa has 2 floors on the ground and 2 floors above. Guests enter the villa by stairs or lift and walk through the garden.

Inspired by traditional Persian architecture – mainly garden design and its microclimatic benefits – a glazed indoor garden with a retractable roof is located at the base of the villa, providing sunlight and fresh air in every room. Glass panels around the indoor garden ensure sufficient light is allowed into the pool at level -1. The second insulated roof protects the house from the summer heat, when the temperature reaches 40 degrees. Like courtyard buildings, the interior garden acts as a private space with a microclimate. Cleanliness and cleanliness are very important points that have been considered in the design details to clean it and ensure the sustainability of the finished space in the clean health area. and life. region: natural stone from the northern quarries of Greece, famous for its beauty, White Volakas with a white background with good muscles, which has a capital nature with different colors of sugar, hazel and light gray. Parás Parsa: the Project site located in a forest area, with mountains on one side and a beautiful view of the sea on the other, is the good thing about this project. Therefore, the designer is pushed to make the most of the landscape, and because of the role of the villa, the design concept is completely different from the permanent residence. Other important factors are compliance with city codes, safety, height restrictions and employer requirements.

The first idea is to combine the two freedoms to meet the needs of the poor body and decided to create a good terrace space and vertical and horizontal access to the roof and the corridor extends to a large bedroom. The negative space created as a vacuum creates a sense of movement in space, giving the scene an unparalleled view.

Using “Fakhri Madin” skin (from traditional Iranian architecture), we processed the transparency of the glass and made it with a dry ceramic method that creates a play of light and the shade of the glass can compete with the heart. .

Qavam House At Eram Garden In Shiraz.iran Editorial Photo

It is inspired by the vertical stones that are the largest layer of the building facade EZ Studio : Language Roots are like trees. Lines are the foundation and architecture of the word. A tree when a child climbs up. Architecture is the limit of life. Between inside and outside. Each element that forms a sentence, when combined with another element, is a word.

The villa was located in the middle of the plain, but in the middle of the farm there is a flourishing garden, for a family of three to always gather together. A twelve-year-old boy, the end of the story, with his rebellious heart with his constant swimming training and his desire to be alone and not leave what he knows, he was in the middle of parental care and then. architects’.

The poetic nature of the Mother made walking important, so the location of the trees and easy access to them was chosen as the best answer to this question. On the other hand, in order to improve the privacy of the private area at the expense of the mother’s feelings, the swimming pool was changed to a significant difference between the private and public areas.

Fruit trees in the garden, which must be managed with respect for the environment, are one of the design constraints that have changed over time in the process of creating a group of empty space trees (Ridge). The architect gave these empty spaces how to build and operate the house every day.

A Seafront Villa In Iran And A Cave House In Greece: 8 Unbuilt Villas Submitted By The Archdaily Community

Meanwhile, the pool is located on one of the ridges of the land, which acts as a division of the area, in the middle of the group to ensure the health of the child and to talk about the need for privacy.

All these boundaries form the Central Ridge. Emptiness does not always mean distance, sometimes they ease the masses and create comfortable spaces for solitude. These features can be installed in the spaces found in the public area of ​​the building, thus dividing the rooms and creating larger spaces to accommodate the residents.

The convergence of brick volume in a hidden place demands respect for the true quality of natural materials and shows the relationship between people and nature in a timely way. The villa in the middle of the ridge is made of black bricks, which complement the palette of the landscape: blue sky, green plants, yellow sand soil, and so the red house.

EZ Studio is a multidisciplinary agency in Isfahan, Iran, specializing in architecture, interior design, landscaping and art curation to create the perfect space for the client. Our process puts us in touch with many industry experts that allow us to create different products for our clients’ projects that cannot be available off the shelf. Established in 2015, The Practice showcases design in a wide range of designs with quality craftsmanship, details and accessories. The discussion of architecture applies equally to all disciplines – Architecture, Interior and Design – to create solutions for buildings, spaces and objects that are equally beautiful in terms of form, function and expression. Our unique architectural approach to creating a baseline, environment, sustainability and human behavior to create space and personality for each project, space and user goods. As a boutique design bureau, we are recognized for design quality and budget professionalism Built on a mountain slope (height difference of 13 meters north and south of the grid)

Sylvan Villa In Nowshahr, Iran By Parisa|houses

Level -2 is an underground parking lot with main road access 20 meters long

This 1400 square meter luxury villa in Tehran is built against a mountain and the garden is located 17 meters above the street. The facade is covered with natural travertine stone: a famous local material collected from the mountains of Iran. The desire of the owners to keep their cars on the ground, a 20-meter tunnel was built under the garden, which leads to the parking lot under the villa.

The villa has 2 floors on the ground and 2 floors above. The lowest floor is on the south side, and there is a tunnel leading to the garage. Guests enter the villa by stairs or lift and walk through the garden.

Inspired by traditional Persian architecture – mainly the layout of buildings and their microclimatic effects –

Isfahan House By Bracket Design Studio / Iran

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