Is Iran Mall The Biggest Mall In The World

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Mall of Iran (Persian: İran Mal) is the largest shopping center in the world by area.

Is Iran Mall The Biggest Mall In The World

And one of the largest commercial, cultural and social projects in the world, located in Chitgar Lake, northwest of Tehran, Iran.

List Of Shopping Malls In Iran

The multipurpose building has an area of ​​317,000 square meters and seven floors. Its infrastructure area in the first phase is 1.35 million square meters, which will be increased to 1.6 million square meters after the completion of all development phases.

The first phase opened on May 1, 2018, with 267,000 square meters of leasable space and 708 retail units.

More than 1,200 contractors and 25,000 workers participated in the construction of Iran Mall. The facility is owned by Ayandeh Bank.

The original idea of ​​building such a large building came from the famous Iranian carpenter Ali Ansari, who was also the construction manager of the Mall of Iran.

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Iran Mall participated in Mapic for three years (2015 to 2017), and was recognized by RFA as the most promising mall in 2017 in terms of scale, service, culture and entertainment.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Iran Mall has the longest continuous concrete pour. The record was from March 1 to March 6, 2018.

The traditional bazaar in Iran Mall is inspired by the bazaars of Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Qazvin, Qam and others. The Traditional Market of Iran Mall is a museum designed and built based on historical models and techniques of Iran’s historical markets and related buildings.

This complex of Iranian-Islamic architecture is a sight to see and sell handicrafts, souvenirs and products from different parts of Iran.

Tehran, Iran. 21st March 2020. Iranian Photographer, Morteza Nikoubazl, Photograph A Temporary Established Emergency Hospital In A Part Of The World’s Largest Shopping Mall Complex Called ”iran Mall”, To Treat Patients Infected

The center of the market is Chahar Suk. Chahar Souq divides the market into 4 sections, with each shop space ranging from 500 to 1000 square meters. The traditional bazaar with an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters is located on the west side of Iran Mall.

The 14-meter-long roof of Didar Gard is made of glass and decorated with fountains and palm trees. The design of the 3,000-square-meter Didar Guard was inspired by the brick architecture of the major regions of Iran, such as Yazd and Kashan.

Mahan Gard is 50 meters wide and about 170 meters long, with an area of ​​about 16,000 square meters, and is built on three floors from the first floor to the second commercial parking lot. Another feature of this park is the design of the roof structure. For the first time in Iran, ETFE was used to cover the roof of this building.

One of the most prominent parts of the traditional bazaar is the Hall of Mirrors, which is based on the design of the Hall of Mirrors in Golestan Palace. It has more than 38 million pieces of glass, and the Neishaburi carpet weavers’ carpets cover 126 square meters.

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On the southeast side of the traditional bazaar in the Mall of Iran, an area of ​​250 square meters is dedicated to a traditional beverage shop.

Mall of Iran offers a special arrangement called Jondishapore Library in the name of Jondishapore University. The library’s interior design uses earthy tones and warm wood to convey a sense of Middle Eastern hospitality and comfort, and is spread over three floors. It houses more than 45,000 volumes of books, manuscripts and documents. Separate reading rooms also accommodate those interested in reading in a more secluded and private area.

The sculptures on display at the Jondishapore Library are of one of the three most important figures in Persian history. They are Ibn Sina (Persian: Ibn Sina; 980 – 1037 – June). (Persian: نزم الملك‎, lit.

The car showroom is located west of Iran Mall and aims to showcase the latest technology in the automotive industry. A cafe is located in the center of the exhibition.

Iran Mall, Luxury In Tehran

On March 16, 2020, for the first time in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, Iran Mall closed all its locations and immediately set up a COVID-19 recovery center. The rehabilitation center was built in less than three days and has more than 3,000 beds in the Mall of Iran Exhibition Center and has been in operation for two months. The presentation of this beautiful home was widely discussed in the national and foreign media.

In May 2021, the Mall of Iran Vaccination Center began operations as one of the largest vaccination centers in the country at the Mall of Iran Exhibition. The center, which has the capacity to administer more than 20,000 vaccines, is still providing services to citizens as of December 2021. Tehran – Iran’s largest shopping center is the Mall of Iran in Chitgar, northwest of Tehran, which includes both. Lots of shops, as well as wonderful exhibitions showcasing national traditions and history.

The building has a beautiful design that shows different parts of our culture. Gleaming lamps and polished wood with artistic carvings are just a small part of this magnificent masterpiece.

Furniture, kitchenware, leather goods, shoes and even plants are here, but all the brands and stuff aren’t the only reasons why people visit Iran Mall to spend their time.

Iran Mall, The Biggest Shopping Centre In The World!

The mall has cinemas, large shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and great events, attracting people of all ages and walks of life from all over Tehran and Iran.

Although the pictures leave this space blank, you should see it on vacation or before it spreads. The library has chairs and tables for reading, and the smell of coffee wafts through the halls and corridors.

Come on, it has 20,000 parking spaces, you can handle the crowds, and I promise you’ll remember the numbers on the ground when you leave your car. You really don’t want to get lost. Ayande Bank, the company building the project, is a public company established under the approval of the Central Bank of Iran and the Monetary and Credit Council, Iran’s main financial institution. Decision-making power and its

The Mall of Iran, which aims to be one of the five largest commercial and cultural centers in the world and one of the largest in the Middle East, will launch the first of two phases today.

File:iran Mall, Tehran, Iran By Persiangraphs (2).jpg

The event coincided with the birthday of the last Shiite imam (may Allah hasten his return) and International Workers’ Day, Imam Mahdi.

The first phase of the multi-purpose commercial, cultural, religious and entertainment center is spread over 1.4 million square meters, of which 300,000 square meters are commercial and industrial, according to the designers at a press conference on Sunday. unit.

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Mega Mall (tehran)

Mall of Iran is one of the 5 largest shopping malls in the world and the first place in the Middle East. The project’s founders plan to create an international business center that will bring together domestic and foreign business owners. The building is located in the western part of Chitgar Park in Tehran and has a total area of ​​1.7 million square meters. It took about 5 years to complete the project. At the same time, 20,000 professionals and workers have been involved in the project since 2014. 18% of the space is for cultural structures, 31% for public and entertainment, 24% for business, 19% for parking and 5% for hotels.

The main objective of the project is to create an inclusive environment for sustainable development, including environmental, economic and social aspects. The following are the main objectives of the project:

2. Create more jobs by attracting tourists and creating a stage that welcomes private sector investment

When designing a project,

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