Buying Carpets In Iran

Buying Carpets In Iran – Persian rugs or carpets are the top items to buy as souvenirs in Iran. Although Persian rugs come in an endless variety of designs and colors and price ranges. But there are also other handmade textiles and doormats. It is interesting and many travelers like to buy these rugs because they have many options.

Design in each province of Iran. material A precious hand-woven art in the Persian language that varies in craftsmanship and price. It is a good idea to research the types of Persian rugs before coming to Iran. At least try to familiarize yourself with different types of carpets. While in the capital

Buying Carpets In Iran

An exploration with the opportunity to compare different styles will enhance your visit to the palace.

Vintage Colorful Pattern Iran Carpet Maker Rugs

Because I want to see the rare and beautiful carpets that were dedicated to the king. You can also visit the Iranian Carpet Museum in central Tehran, which houses some of the country’s most beautiful antique carpets.

) Smaller piles are lighter than carpets of the same size. Wool rugs are generally cheaper. But heavier than carpet? There are many designs and colors to choose from. But this is not an absolute rule. But Tabriz and carpets in general

) the cheapest Qashqai, Bakhtiari, Turkmen and Baloch. Large strings and designs make them learn by heart. I personally enjoy it.

The rugs go astray because the rhythm and matching color schemes complement each other. Sometimes you see small bird or animal figures hidden in regular patterns. As we love the perfection of elegant Persian rugs, like the elegant Tabriz rug. Can’t get enough of the simple, nomadic variety of rugs. Keep in mind that most calf rugs are heavy because they use thick wool yarn. Because it has to be done within a certain period of time before immigration.

An Investment You Can Walk On

These framed rugs are popular as wall hangings in Iranian homes. The images are usually nature or portraits. Tablo flooring is a light and compact option, perfect as your living room wall or a valuable piece.

When buying a handwoven rug, pay attention to the back of the rug. The lump should be almost uniform in size and density. Especially when buying large floors. Fold in half in both directions to ensure measurements are correct; For example, One end is not wider than the other. This occurs in some hand-woven rugs. There are many secrets to buying a handmade rug that only experts know when the threads are different in the weaving process. If you plan to invest a lot of money with Qali, it is better to do a thorough research or hire an expert. Take your own room measurements and take photos of the furniture with you. That way you can visualize the endless colors and patterns better.

Gabbehs are made from natural wool cotton and all colors are made from natural plant dyes.

Territories of Iran. Gabeh has no style and color rules. The design is completely abstract. Depending on what the weaver has learned or what she has in mind, gabeh is not as delicate and strong as high-quality rugs.

X9′ Cashmere Four Season Silk Carpet Persian Handmade Silk Oriental Rugs (qzt27a)

Tribal women. Ask a carpet dealer to show you the floors and you’ll be surprised by the simple designs and soothing colors.

Jalim can be used for decoration or as a prayer rug. Modern floor coverings are commonly used as floor coverings in western homes.

Or kilim is a type of floor carpet. They usually have geometric shapes and patterns, are thinner than regular Persian rugs, and can easily be folded into a suitcase without damage. Famous jhelim in Iran are:

This is a classy but labor-intensive rug. Often used for wall decoration or table tops. An extra string is added to the regular jelly. After gel embroidery, or during embroidery. to appear embossed

Sheba Iranian Carpets & Antiques Stores (sharjah)

Jazim is a flat loom made of wool on a horizontal loom. They are made with a panel design in narrow sections and stitched together.

It binds like jelly. But it is slimmer and simpler in design than Jajim.

Jajim is usually woven in narrow and long patterns. The four are then stitched together to form a wider blanket. Jajim is also used as a fabric for backpacks and furniture covers.

Zilu is used as an inexpensive flooring material. Used to cover the base of a mosque or as a picnic blanket.

Carpet Cellar: The Brand’s New Carpet Design Pays Homage To Iranian Rugs

Zilu is made of cotton yarn. Characterized by simple geometric and symmetrical designs that are often woven into large parcels, Zilu serves as an affordable flooring material. Zilu are used as mosque foundations or as picnic blankets in most cities.

Under their carpets; Namad itself is an artistically simple space that incorporates a traditional manufacturing process that is completely different from the other examples mentioned above. After washing and cleaning the animal fur, coax it onto the mat in whatever shape and pattern you want. add hot water Roll the rug vigorously and apply constant pressure with your forearm. Materials are combined to form this soft carpet. Making a great Namd is a collective process. Often with the whole family. If you are lucky enough to visit the Turkmen Sahara, You can see it.

The process of performing the namda like a sacred ritual also involves chanting by all the workers together.

It is famous for its diverse designs and vibrant colors. Other felt makers in Iran use traditional wool colors for their desired patterns, most of them.

Things To Look For When Buying A Vintage Persian Rug

Most of the nomads Nammets hold an important position in the Iranian household. According to Persian traditional medicine, Namad is the best flooring material for cold and wet climates. Prevents arthritis.

There are other products besides floor rugs. You can also consider posthis (small traditional seats) made of carpet or similar laid on the floor. Later, when the nomads migrated, pillows, It became a large bag for carrying blankets and mattresses. It can be used for a single purpose and sometimes as a comfortable seat. Pardeh Aviz Gelimi is a door string curtain with interlaced wool thread with wide edge gel on top.

Finally, I will talk about the most famous carpet in the history of Iran, the Bahraini carpet. It was woven during the reign of Khosrow Anushiruwan, a respected king of the Sasanian Empire. History shows that carpets were adorned with precious jewels. gold silver thread (This carpet is also called Bahar-e Khosrow) When the capital Ctesiphon fell after the Arab invasion, the Baharestan carpet was taken as booty. It was then cut into pieces and given to the Muslims in Medina. Sad but true.

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