Couple Dancing In Iran

Couple Dancing In Iran – The Iranian couple appears alone in the video, dancing in front of the Azadi Tower in downtown Tehran. They smile while living together. Trails of the woman’s hair could be seen behind him as he lifted her into the air.

The video was posted online in early November, weeks after the police death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini sparked widespread protests in Iran. In the months that followed, these activities increased, and the government arrested thousands of people and executed people.

Couple Dancing In Iran

Now the pair – Astiyazh Haghighi, 21, and Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, 22 – have been sentenced to five years in prison each, according to Mizan, the news agency that monitors the country’s judiciary, on charges of “conspiracy against national security”. “anti-establishment propaganda”.

Iranian Couple Filmed Dancing In Tehran Are Jailed For 10 Years

The agency said the couple used their Instagram accounts “to invite people to join the ‘riots,'” referring to the protests, and said police arrested the couple on Nov. 1 after they defied a warning from A to prevent ” malicious activities”. online.

The couple’s Instagram accounts have over a million followers each. On Ms. Haghi’s Instagram account, she describes herself as a blogger. Her photos show a young woman who is passionate about fashion. She appeared in loose clothing. Her pink blonde hair is depicted in many ways partially covered – with a bandana, a hat, or sometimes a hood.

The verdict was handed down by Abolghassem Salavati, a Revolutionary Court judge with a reputation for harsh punishments, according to Skylar Thompson, who advocates for human rights in Iran. He said Ms. Haghighi was being held in Qarchak, a notorious and segregated detention center for women southeast of the capital. Mr. Ahmadi is in Evin prison, he said.

Their arrests are “the latest manifestation of Iran’s corrupt justice system” and another example of “how seriously unregulated the system can be – and has been for years,” Ms Thompson said. The group estimated that 763 Iranians who participated in the protests have been tried and convicted so far.

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The video, which was released at the height of the protests, fueled tension among Iranians and spread opinions on various social media platforms. It also attracted the attention of the Iranian police, who worked to quell the protests. The video was taken down at one point, but has since been reposted by other social media users.

In a post on her Instagram account, published in the first week of the protests, Ms. Haghighi wrote about the pressure she faced from the government and recounted the many encounters she had with morality police on the streets of Tehran.

“They put me in a van. I will never forget the fear – I was shaking,” he wrote, describing his arrest by authorities. “But that’s nothing compared to the stress I feel every day when I get their anonymous calls.”

Ms Haghighi and Mr Ahmadi were both beaten when they were arrested at their home, according to HRANA, Iran’s human rights news agency, citing sources close to the accused. Their cases were accelerated by the revolutionary court system, without our defense attorney, HRANA states in its report.

Young Couple Each Sentenced To Decade In Jail For Dancing Innocently In The Street In Iran

A young couple who posted a video of themselves dancing in love on the streets of Tehran has been sentenced to several years in prison, human rights activists and the Iranian authorities announced.

Instagram influencers Astiyazh Haghi, 21, and her fiance Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, 22, were jailed after the government cracked down on anti-government protests that swept the country.

The couple, popular social media personalities with a total of nearly 2 million followers, regularly post videos together.

In a video posted on their Instagram accounts in November, which has since been deleted but is now widely shared on social media, the bloggers danced at night near Tehran’s Azadi (Freedom) Tower, which marks the western entrance to the Iranian capital.

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The pair danced as they embraced in front of the glowing monument, as the night shone brightly in the video.

While dancing is not illegal under Iranian criminal law, women dancing in public – even with men – is. Haghighi appears in the video without a helmet, the garment that has become the focus of protests.

The couple did not link the video to the unrest that erupted across the Islamic world after Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, died in hospital after police arrested her and accused her of breaking the country’s laws. dress code

But news of the pair’s jail terms was first reported on Sunday by an activist group, which said they were arrested by security forces on November 1 “after they posted a video on social media showing them dancing in an area of ​​the city”.

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Haghighi and Ahmadi were each sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison, according to the news agency Human Rights Activists, or HRANA, the communications arm of Iran’s human rights activists, which describes itself as a “working political and non-governmental organization.” human rights defenders in Iran.”

HRANA also banned them from using social media and banned them from leaving the country for two years, HRANA said, adding that they had no access to a lawyer during the trial. The last post on both Instagram accounts was from September 22.

Iran’s Mizan judicial agency reported on Wednesday that authorities arrested Haghighi and Ahmadi on November 1, and a judge later sentenced them to five years in prison each for “collaborating and advocating against national security” – language.

“Their focus is to incite people to protest and bring down the government,” the report said. When they were intercepted by security personnel, they resisted and were arrested on November 1.

Young Couple Who Danced In Viral Video Handed Lengthy Jail Sentence In Iran

NBC News could not verify any information about the case, and it is unclear what may be behind the disagreement between the activists and Mizan.

A boy holds an Iranian flag in front of the Azadi Tower in Tehran on March 11, 2020. Vahid Salemi/AP File

“For the crime of dancing, these two Iranian youths have been sentenced,” tweeted Iranian activist and journalist Masih Alinejad on Monday. “They don’t deserve such cruelty,” he said, sharing a video of the two dancing.

Tara Sepehri Far, senior Iran researcher at Human Rights Watch, said in an email: “This arbitrary and unjustified long prison sentence for the release of the video clearly shows that the authorities are using terrorism charges through a flawed justice system to reduce more than social freedoms, but peaceful resistance and mobilization have been carried out by brave demonstrators in recent months.”

Iranian Government Jails Young Couple For Dancing In A Viral Video

The protests that swept Iran after Amin’s death have developed into perhaps the biggest challenge to the regime since it was established in the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

After months of cracking down on protests, the Iranian government began publicly deporting people, a response that drew outrage from human rights activists and Western officials.

At least 527 people were killed – including 71 children – four protesters were killed and nearly 20,000 others were arrested, according to Iranian rights groups. Iran’s interior ministry said in December that the death toll was 200, including security forces killed.

In an Instagram post published on September 20, Haghighi wrote about his experience of being stopped several times by police because of his “inappropriate” clothing and the fear it caused him.

Iran Court Jails Dancing Pair For 10 Years

“They took me away in a van,” she recalled of the incident in her Instagram post. “The fear you gave me has not left me.

“You always curse me and ask why I don’t tell,” Haghighi continued, addressing his followers. “I want to tell you that I can’t, not because I don’t want to.” Because my mother has no one but me and I am the head of the family. I’m afraid of my mother’s tears.” Astiyazh Haghighi and his fiance Amir Mohammad Ahmadi dance in Tehran (Twitter screenshot, used under Article 27a of the Copyright Act)

PARIS – An Iranian court has sentenced a young married couple to more than 10 years in prison for dancing in front of one of Tehran’s main landmarks in a video seen as a sign of protest against the regime, activists said.

Astiyazh Haghighi and her fiance Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, both in their 20s, were arrested in early November after a video of them dancing in love in front of Tehran’s Azadi Tower went viral.

Iran Dancing Couple Given 10 Year Jail Sentence

Haghighi did not wear a veil in violation of the Islamic Republic’s strict laws on women, while women in Iran are not allowed to dance in public, let alone with a man.

Conflict of jurisdiction

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