Buying A Carpet In Iran

Buying A Carpet In Iran – When shopping for souvenirs in Iran, a Persian rug or carpet is definitely at the top of the list. The varieties and colors of Persian rugs come in an endless range of prices, but there are other handwoven fabrics and throws that attract attention and many travelers want to add to their collection.

Persian Design material Precious handmade woven in every province of Iran with different skill and prices. It’s a good idea to do some research on the types of Persian rugs before coming to Iran, and at least try to familiarize yourself with different rugs while you’re in town.

Buying A Carpet In Iran

Many examples can be compared. This quest will enhance the pleasure of visiting the royal palaces.

Vintage Persian Rug, Originated From Kashan, Floral Design ~1996

Because the focus is on rare and elegant rugs for Kings. You can also visit the Iranian Carpet Museum in downtown Tehran, which has the country’s best collection of antique carpets.

) very soft pile and lighter than other rugs of the same size. Wool rugs are usually less expensive but heavier than silk rugs and come in many designs and colors. This is not a specific rule, but usually Tabriz and carpets.

Qashqai Bakhtiari, (like Turkmen and Baluch) are the most expensive because of the large threads and carvings they learn from outside. I personally like it.

Because nomadic floors break certain rules like symmetry and solid colors. Sometimes I see the shape of a bird or an animal hidden among the regular designs. As we love the perfection of elegant Persian rugs such as the beautiful Tabriz rugs. I can’t get enough of the simple, nomadic variety of rugs. Keep in mind that most calfskin rugs are heavy due to the use of thick wool threads that need to be finished before being moved.

Carpets For Kings: Six Masterpieces Of Iranian Weaving

These framed rugs were popular as wall hangings in Iranian homes. The painting is usually nature or portrait, but they also include small paintings or calligraphy. Tablo farsh is a light and small option for your living room wall or a precious gift.

When buying a handmade rug, look back. The knots should be almost equal in size and density. Fold in half on both sides to ensure measurements are accurate, especially when buying a large rug. For example, One end is not wider than the other. It is found in some handmade rugs that the knots differ from each other during the weaving process. There are many tips for buying handmade rugs that only the experts know. If you’re planning to invest a lot of money in a rug, it’s best to do your research or hire an expert. The last tip I can give you is to measure the surface of your room and take pictures of the furniture with you so you can get a better idea when you get lost in the endless colors and designs.

Gabbeh are made from natural handmade woolen yarn and all colors are created with natural vegetable dyes.

Iranian territory. Gabbe has no shape or color rules. The design is completely abstract, depending on what the weaver or his mind has learned. Gabbeh is not as delicate and durable as high quality carpets. Gabbeh is usually woven by hand.

Buying A Persian Carpet In Iran

Women of the tribe. Ask a carpet salesperson to show you a carpet. You will be surprised by the small design and light color.

Gelim can be purely decorative or function as a prayer mat. Modern kilims are popular floor coverings in Western households.

Or Kilimi – usually made with geometric shapes and patterns that are finer than a typical Persian rug. It can be easily folded and stored in a bag. Carpet has more color variations than any other type of flooring. Some famous mosques in Iran

An impressive but labor-intensive wallpaper, often used to decorate a wall or a table. An extra layer of yarn is added to a regular jelly when the jelly is finished.

Tips For Buying The Perfect Persian Carpet

Jajim is a flat wool loom on a horizontal loom. They are made with a striped design that is later stitched with smaller parts.

It is woven like gel, but thinner and simpler in design. Most Jajims come from the western provinces of Iran. For example,

. Jajims are usually woven in narrow and long sizes, four of which are joined together to create a wide blanket. Jajim is also used as a fabric for making backpacks and furniture covers.

Ziloo is an inexpensive floor covering. Use as a glass cover or picnic blanket.

A Guide To Buying Antique Oriental Rugs

Ziloo is made of oversized yarns with simple geometric and symmetrical designs. Ziloo is an inexpensive floor covering. Use as a glass cover or picnic blanket. Ziloos are mostly woven in cities.

Under their carpet. The Namad itself is an artistically simple floor that differs quite a bit from the other examples mentioned above and the traditional production process. The animal fur is cleaned and then flattened to the desired size and pattern on the mat. Adding hot water; By vigorously moving the mat and applying pressure with your wrists, the material sticks together, creating that thick, soft mat. Making nam mei is a group process and often the whole family does it. If you are lucky enough to visit the Turkmen Sahara. You can see it.

The process of making nam mai is like a sacred ritual and all the workers press together while chanting.

It is known for its variety of designs and bright colors. Other Iranian weavers use wool dyes for their designs and are often found there.

Antique Tehran Persian Animal Design Rug 49303 Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Most nomads. Namad had an important place in the homes of Iran. According to Persian traditional medicine, Namad is the best floor in cold, wet weather and prevents diseases such as rheumatism.

In addition to area rugs; There are other products that are similar to carpet. You can see the Posh (a traditional seat and back made of small carpets to be laid on the floor next to the bed) and the Rahtehab-pich. Later, the nomads made cushions, a large bag used to hold blankets and sheets. They serve the same purpose and can sometimes be used as a comfortable seat. Also, Parde Aviz Gelimi is a wire curtain for the door, with wide gels and cords of woolen thread for their decoration.

Finally, let’s talk about the most famous carpet in Iranian history, the Baharestan carpet. It was washed during the reign of the exalted and famous King Khosrow Anushiruvan of the Sassanid Empire. Descriptions of the carpet in history books note that the carpet was decorated with precious jewels and threads of gold and silver. The Baharestan carpet was only used in winter to represent the spring garden (Baharestan means spring garden, the carpet is called Bahar-e Khosrow). When the capital Ctesiphon fell after the Arab invasion. The carpet of Baharistan was plundered and cut to the Muslims of Medina. Sad but true story.

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X7.5 Persian Rug

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