Can Women Dance In Iran

Can Women Dance In Iran – A viral TikTok featuring five Iranian women dancing in public to Selena Gomez and Rema’s “Calm Down” has garnered global support as the latest symbol of protest against the regime — Iran’s oppression of women’s rights.

Five young women posted on TikTok to celebrate International Women’s Day – only to be detained by local police for two days – local media reported.

Can Women Dance In Iran

In the video, the women protest the Iranian regime’s laws banning women from dancing and being seen without headscarves in public.

Baba Karam Dance Of Iran — Lida: Middle Eastern Dance Artist

The authorities forced the women to record an apology video while wearing headscarves and distribute it. According to a tweet from a local news station in Ecbatan, where the girls live, the women were forced to say they “made a mistake” and sign a statement saying they would never repeat his behavior.

Hundreds of supporters have since rejected similar videos for the same song, tagging them with #dance4iran to show solidarity with the five women.

To all the beautiful women fighting for a better world, I am inspired by you, sing for you and dream with you. — REMA (@heisrema) March 14, 2023

“Love goes out to these young women and all the women in Iran who continue to be brave and demand radical change,” Gomez wrote on Instagram.

The Persian Version, Joonam, Shayda Look At Iranian Experience

Nigerian rapper Rema tweeted: “To all the beautiful women fighting for a better world, I’m inspired by you, I sing for you and I dream with you.”

‘A very elite club for us women’: Four women inducted into 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In Iran, women are banned from dancing in public. It’s hard for country dancers to follow the rules. But Boshra and his students are ready to follow their passion.

In Iran, strict laws restrict women’s social life in many areas. Even foreign tourists must wear a headscarf in public places. This has been going on since the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Although women are allowed to play musical instruments, they are not allowed to dance in front of men. These moral rules imposed by the government are being challenged by hundreds of young Iranians who are ready to challenge the regime.

The Flame Of Feminism Is Alive In Iran

In a dance studio for women in Tehran, the atmosphere is like an oasis, free from the restrictions that prohibit women from dancing in public. However, Boshra, a dance teacher and clinical psychologist, and her students covered their heads to dance in front of the camera. Caps restricted their movements, but even women were forced to wear them when performing.

“Finally, I’m dancing with my feelings. I want my students to understand that this is a place of peace and to forget the restrictions that society has placed on us,” Boshra said.

When asked what life is like as a dancer in Iran, Boshra explained that it does not represent an identity.

“It means doing what you like in secret. My father and my brothers never saw me dance because the law didn’t allow it. We were under a lot of pressure, but mostly dancing was the reason. “We just have to live.”

Iran Women Dancing Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

“I dance… This is how my emotions flow. I want my students to understand that this is a place for peace, that we can forget the restrictions imposed by society. I am under a lot of pressure, but sometimes the only the reason for living is to dance.”

In November 2022, Iranian couple Astiyaj Haghigi and her 20-year-old son-in-law, Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, were sentenced to more than 10 years in prison after appearing in a sex video. Tehran.

The young couple were arrested after footage of their romantic tango at the Azadi Tower went viral, in which Ahmadi at one point lifted his partner into the air.

Astiyaj Haghigi and her husband, Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, both 20, were jailed for more than 10 years for dancing in public. Instagram-Astiyaj Khagigi

Iranian Women Burning Their Hijabs Are Striking At The Islamic Republic’s Brand

The pair were already well-known on social media in Iran at the time of the incident, and the video is seen as a symbol of the country’s protest movement against the hijab and wider restrictions.

Mahsa Amini’s protests began on September 16, 2022 after her death. As of February 2023, the protests are still ongoing.

Amini was arrested by a tour guide for violating Iran’s mandatory headscarf law by wearing the “wrong” headscarf while visiting Tehran from Saqqez. According to witnesses, he was brutally beaten by patrol officers. This is denied by the Iranian authorities. Amini later died in police custody.

As the protests spread from Amini’s hometown of Saqqez to other Kurdish cities in Iran and across Iran, the government responded by shutting down the internet across the country and restricting the use of social media across the country. , tear gas and guns.

Iran Bans Women’s Zumba Aerobics Classes

While the protests were not as deadly as in 2019 (more than 1,500 people were killed), they were “nationwide, spreading to all aspects of society, universities, streets [and] schools.” challenge”. ” Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution against the Iranian government. Since January 27, 2023, at least 488 people, including 64 minors, have died as a result of government intervention in protests. “Any new nuclear deal with Iran is a big win for Vladimir Putin,” says former Vice President Mike Pence, because Beijing has undermined it by cooperating with Saudi Arabia and Iran. The influence of the United States.

A group of Iranian girls are wanted by police after they posted a TiKTok video of themselves dancing to a Selena Gomez song.

A video that has gone viral online shows five hooded teenage girls dancing to Selena Gomez and Nigerian singer Rema’s “Calm Down” in front of towers west of Tehran.

In a photo taken from a social media video, five teenage Iranian girls can be seen dancing to Selena Gomez’s song. (Twitter/@shahrak_ekbatan)

I Stand With The Women In Iran. I Defy The Regime By Dancing

Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-Canadian journalist, said the video is taken for granted in most cities around the world, but in Iran it’s an “act of defiance.”

“I wonder if @heisrema knew her song #CalmDown was meant for an incredibly brave act of defiance by young Iranian women?” Canadian journalist Nahayat Tijoosh wrote about it on Twitter. “It all started with 5 girls dancing to his music at @shahrak_ekbatan – putting the regime at risk of killing women for protesting.”

The Ekbatan Twitter account, which announced the events in the neighborhood on Friday, warned that the girls could be arrested and detained.

Iranian security forces are examining CCTV footage from the tower and questioning guards to try to identify the girls, the report said.

Iran Detains Artists Over Shakespeare Performance

The neighborhood has been at the center of protests in recent months that began after the death of Mahsa Amini. A 22-year-old Iranian woman died in police custody on September 22, 2022, after being arrested for not wearing the hijab properly.

A protester holds up a portrait of Mahsa Amini during a rally in support of Iranian protesters who have turned against their leaders over the death of a young woman in police custody, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022, in Paris. (AP Photo/Aurelien Morissard)

At the moment, it is estimated that toxic fumes are entering the classrooms of hundreds of Iranian schoolgirls studying in different schools.

Officials in Iran’s theocracy initially denied the reports, but later described them as targeted attacks involving about 30 schools, with some suggesting they may have been targeted, prompting an attempt to close all girls’ schools in the country of more than 80 million people. Iranian women are filming their dance. on the streets, despite strict bans, and the videos spread around the world.

What You Can And Cannot Do In Iran

In Iran, women are prohibited from dancing in front of men who are not family members, effectively banning dancing in public.

In recent weeks, dozens of videos have been uploaded to social media showing brave women dancing in the streets and risking arrest despite the law.

The videos were collected by the American media company Vocativ and received hundreds of thousands of views on the Internet.

Strict dance laws also apply to men. In April 2018, a youth concert held in a shopping complex in the city of Masshad was deemed a “violation of public decency”, and young men and women were filmed clapping and dancing as they danced.

One Ahwazi Man’s Mission To Preserve Arab Cultural Identity In Iran

This led to the arrest of the head of the city’s Islamic education department, the BBC reports.

Last year, six people, four men and two women, were arrested for teaching zumba classes in a public square in Tehran. According to The Telegraph, Zumba classes are banned even in women-only gyms.

This style of protest dance has been going on for years, with social media protests showing women in Iran illegally removing their headscarves in public. This classical Persian choreography is based on the elegant lines and costumes of Safavid Persian miniatures. to the famous Iranian singer Hayde’s song. Please don’t be sad because life is still beautiful. Do not betray anyone, because the world is colorful. Choreography and costumes: Laurel Victoria Gray

This Iranian comedy is a playful imitation of the machismo dance style performed

Ringing In The New Year With Nowruz

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