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After the video went viral, the girls were arrested and forced to apologize for their actions.

Iran Girl Dance In Home

Iranian authorities show no sign of stopping the crackdown on young people at the heart of the country’s ongoing protests. as

Iranians Dance In Solidarity With Teen Arrested Over Instagram Video

Five Iranian girls were arrested last week for creating a TikTok dance to Rema and Gomez’s “Clam Down,” which went viral earlier this month.

Unknown teenagers shared the video earlier this month to mark International Women’s Day. The video shows young women, believed to be from Ekbatan, west of Tehran, dancing without hijabs in front of an apartment complex with their hair tied back. According to Persian-language media outlets, police detained the group for two days and forced them to apologize for their actions. Not only were they forced to say it was a “mistake”, they did it again. Then, a video of the dance instructor, wearing long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and a headscarf, was posted on her Instagram page showing her apology.

The girls’ actions are in direct violation of the hijab law, which requires women to cover their heads in public at all times. In Iran, women are not allowed to dance in public. Since September, popular protests (mostly led by young Iranian women) have swept the country after morality police arrested a 22-year-old Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amin for wearing a hijab “improperly”. He later died in prison. Since the beginning of the protests, the National Revolutionary Court has sentenced many participants to death.

The arrest of the dancing teenagers caused a great response from the public. On Twitter, one netizen criticized police priorities and hypocrisy, asking who had not been punished: “We find the dancer at two o’clock but we don’t find the person who sprays hydrochloric acid and poisons children. Curse your religion… dirty criminals,” they wrote.

Iranian Women Dance On Social Media In Support Of Teenager Arrested Over Instagram Video

Another praised the girls for their bravery.

Following the arrests, young women in Iran have been posting videos of themselves dancing (with their heads and faces covered) to show solidarity.

Youths who actively oppose the government and support the insurgency have experienced alarming levels of violence in recent months. In December, around 12,000 students from various universities suffered mysterious food poisoning the night before they were supposed to participate in protests. Reports earlier this month showed that hundreds of schoolgirls across the country have been deliberately gassed since November, in what many believe is retaliation for taking part in protests.

But despite the risks, brave Iranian youth continue to dress up, dance and protest in the hope of a freer future. Sign up for the Breaking News email to receive free, real-time news alerts delivered directly to your inbox. Free email with the latest news

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Iranian women are supporting teenagers detained by authorities under the country’s tough crackdown laws by sharing videos of themselves dancing on social media.

Maedeh Hojabri, an 18-year-old gymnast, was arrested after posting a video of herself performing a dance routine to thousands of Instagram followers.

On Friday, state television aired a video in which Hojabri admitted to violating the moral code, but it was not clear whether the statement was made under duress.

In response, women across Iran posted videos of themselves dancing on social media to protest his arrest.

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Dozens of women have faced arrest for sharing videos in support of Mr Hojabr using hashtags that translate to “#dance_is_crime” and “#dance_for_freedom”.

Local newspapers said Mr Hojabri and three others had been released on bail after being arrested on similar charges in recent weeks.

She has posted about 300 videos on her account, many of which feature her dancing in Iranian and Western styles.

His performances had thousands of followers under his name on various accounts ranging from 12,000 to 66,000. No verified accounts.

Iranians On #socialmedia

Iranian police have said they plan to shut down similar accounts on Instagram, and the judiciary is considering blocking access to the site.

Iran has already blocked access to many of the country’s social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Telegram messaging app.

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