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Iran Trekking – Are you considering Iran as your next travel destination?! Did you know that this country is home to the highest mountain range in Asia (5610 m) and a large collection of +4000 and +3000 peaks? Iran’s two main mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros, have blessed mountain lovers of all tastes and skill levels with a choice of peaks and routes. These amazing peaks and the relatively low budget for mountain climbing in Iran make the country a great climbing destination. In addition, the mountains of Iran are also home to amazing hiking trails and epic great walls. Do you want to know which mountains of Iran to choose for an unforgettable and fun trekking adventure? This list of six top Iranian treks will get you started: Mount Damavand (Iran’s highest peak at 5610 meters above sea level), Alam Kuh, Mount Sabalan, Mount Sialan, Zard Kuh and Oshtorankuh (all +4000 peaks).

Definitely Mount Damavand. Located in northern Iran, it is the highest mountain in Asia and the highest peak in Iran. Conquering this 5,610 meter giant is the dream of every Iranian who ventures into the world of mountain climbing. This potentially active volcano, which is very similar to Mount Fuji in Japan in its cone shape, has several hot springs in its southern part. If you are looking for above +5000, Damavand is definitely a good choice; because it has a climbing path that requires average technical skills. Moreover, the unique nature and various camps and facilities make Damavand one of the most beautiful and popular peaks in Iran. You can climb from the south, north and east of the wall. Want to know more about Damavandu trekking adventure? Then read the Ultimate Guide to Mount Damavand.

Iran Trekking

In addition to conquering the highest volcano in Asia and the highest mountain in Iran, Mount Damavand (5610m), enjoy an unforgettable experience …

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If you are looking for a safe and quality hiking and trekking program in Iran, you have found it

Make the most of your Damavand Mountain Trek at a slow and steady pace! And enter your real adventure

The top of both Zard Kuh (4221 m), a series of “almost flat” mountains in the middle of the Zagros Mountains, and …

An adventure trip to the top of two of Iran’s most beautiful mountains, Mount Sialan and Mount Damavand…

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The highest volcano in the Middle East and the highest mountain in Iran, the mythological snow-capped Mount Damavand …

Iran is not only a land of vast deserts, Oriental carpets and elegant architecture; the country’s climate diversity…

Skiing in Iran is not a myth! In addition to the hot desert, the country offers a variety of amazing climates…

In the beautiful region of northern Iran, you will find Iran’s second highest mountain (4850 m) and the second one on the list.

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. But Alam-Kuh is not just about trekking. It’s actually more of a side climb with a big wall. On the North Face, Alam Kuh, the most technical and challenging big wall in the country, attracts climbers from all over the world. This epic great wall earned the title of Iran’s K2.

If you want to know more about Kuh Nature as a hiking destination, read All about Kuh Nature Great Wall, German Flank and North Great Wall. On the other hand, Nature’s numerous hiking trails have made it a popular destination for hikers of all tastes and skill levels. There are two main routes for tourists. The one in the south (Hesarcal) is the least demanding and most beautiful route. But the North Face (Siah Sang) is one of the most difficult climbing routes in the country. The high level of scrambling makes this route unsuitable for all types of travelers.

Natural Mountain, known as K2 or the Iranian Alps, is famous for its great face in the north. Because…

The beautiful Mount Sabalan, one of the best treks in Iran and its third highest peak (4811m), is another major tourist destination in the country. As the main attraction in northwestern Iran, Sabalan enjoys stunning natural beauty and many hot springs. In addition, this potentially active volcano has a crater lake at the top of its highest peak. Throughout the year, this cute lake is frozen. There are 3 main routes to the top of Mount Sabalan: south, west and northeast (most common). For your first ascent, it is best to take the northeast route. Because it has a recognizable route and you can also ride from the beginning of the trekking route to the lodge with a 4WD drive.

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Take a trip to the holiest mountain in Iran and the third highest peak and be blessed by this 4811 meter high beauty

Northern Iran also presents Mount Sialan (4250 m), one of the best treks in Iran, for travelers who want to walk through the green forest. On one side, Sialan reaches the spectacular Daryasar plateau, and on the other, it stretches to the legendary Alamut Valley. You can go to Sialan from different routes. The first route, which starts from the village of Esel Mahalleh, is the longest, but the most beautiful and rewarding. The second route starts in the village of Haniz and extends to the north. In addition, there are several other ridge passes that take you to the summit from adjacent peaks. Depending on the route you choose, you can plan your adventure to enjoy the beauty of the Alamut Valley (South) or the Dohezar Forest (North).

In southwestern Iran, you will find the ZardKooh Mountains, a special part of the Zagros Mountains. Several high peaks, rare plants, flowing springs and beautiful Bakhtiari nomads who live there in the summer make Zard Kuh one of the best treks in Iran. It is characterized by high peaks such as Kolonchin, Haft Tanan, Shah-e Shahidan and Cheri. Kolonchin is the highest with a height of 4200 meters. To the west of Zard Kuh there is a deep valley with high walls that make winter climbing difficult. To do a trekking adventure in Zard Kuh, you need to find a way to Kuhrang in Chahrmahal and Bakhtiari area. If you plan your trip in the summer, you will spend some time next to the nomadic Bakhtiari and enjoy the magic of their unique lifestyle.

Located in the east of Lorestan Province: Oshtorankuh (meaning Mountain Camel). Eight peaks +4000, lined up like a caravan of camels, give the mountain its name. Also, Gahar Lake in Oshtorankuh will take your breath away. Moreover, high snow-capped peaks, long deep valleys, steady rivers, swollen springs, terraced villages and flora and fauna are very diverse making this Iran’s best adventure a special adventure destination. Its beauty is so stunning that it shines like a gem from a distance of 100 kilometers. The highest peak, Sanboran, is 4150 meters.

Trekking In The Dena National Park

For hiking adventures in Oshtorankuh, you must first reach the Lorestan area. To get to Puncak Sanboran, you need to find a way to Dorood and from there to Kampung Tian. Here you can start your adventure. Summer and late spring are the best times to climb Oshtorankuh, as it is very cold and snowy in winter. Saung Golgol (base camp) and Chal Kabud Hut (near the summit) are here to keep you safe that night. Lassen Sie sich überraschen, wie entspannät Wanderferien in Persien sein können, und entdecken Sie eine eingierteigen Region auf eine active Art und Weise. Da es im Iran or wengei ausgeschilderte Wanderwege gibt, werden Sie während Ihrer Iran Wanderferien immer von einem ortskundigen Führer begleitet. Von den vielen Regionen des Irans, v denen Sie ausgedehnte Trekkingtouren unternehmen können, ist das Gebiet rund um den Gunung Davamand im Elburs-Gebirge sehr empfehlenswert. Dieser Berg is, with a height of 5,604 meters, the highest peak of Iran and an attractive project for ambitious climbers. If there are no special conditions for active access in Iran, there is no special contact, but all other organizations.

Beautiful, strong and peaceful, the impressive Mount Davamand presents itself, den Sie, obwohl er nicht sehr schwer zu besteigen ist, due to its seiner Höhe von über 5’500 Metern nicht unterschätzen sollten. Start Trekkingtour on Mount Davamand or other Trekkingrouten in Elburs-Gebirge is like Teherán, Hauptstadt des Iran, die in two Autostunden von den schönsten Orten für Iran Wanderreisen instead. During the climb auf den Gipfel des Berges durchqueren Sie Landschaften amazing, durch welche die Vielfalt des Iran mehr als deutlich wird. Da der Sehr Wirkende Gunung Davamand um einiges höher ist als der Höchste berg europas, der mont blanc, sollten sie Sich Immer Bewusst Sein, dass eine Trekkingtour auf aUf eines berges ein ein eine. once again. Wenn Sie es geschäft haben, den Gipfel zu erklimmen, erwartet Sie eine spectaculare Aussicht über herrlich Landschaften.

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