Iran Tea Culture

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We continue our journey to the famous lands of Persia along the ancient Silk Road. Today, most of Persia is in Iran – in this section, we explore the main culture of Iran.

Iran Tea Culture

Tea is said to have arrived in Iran in the early 16th century

Tea In Iran The History Of Tea In Iran

Genetics. With the revival of trade along the ancient Silk Road, Persia became an important part of the route from China to Europe. Early on, green tea from China entered the tea-drinking culture of Persia.

Tea was introduced to weary travelers and over time tea slowly replaced coffee as the beverage of choice.

Today, black tea is the first choice of hot beverage for all Iranians. The day starts with a cup of tea and ends with a cup of tea before bed. And in between, tea is the favorite drink – lunch or dinner or between meals.

They are still as popular as ever. They always retain their individuality and traditional charm – without carpets, decorations and decorations

Most Beloved Beverage Around The World: Tea

Everyone from college kids to middle-aged bankers to senior citizens enjoy their favorite black tea in a warm environment.

Iranian tea culture is heavily influenced by Russian and Central Asian tea culture. From the tea leaf to the brewing method, the influence of Russian and Central Asian tea can easily be seen in the way Iranians drink tea.

Or at home, Iranians like to drink tea without milk. In fact, there is a saying in Iran that if you add milk to your tea, you will become a widow!

The tea is fresh, hot and strong – stronger than homemade. It is usually given in glasses called transparent glasses

Together Tea • Marjan Kamali

Sometimes, stone cloth is used to flavor the tea. Adding sugar cubes to tea and stirring the tea is not important in Iran. The most common practice is to squeeze sugar cubes in tea and place them between the teeth! Sweet tea is usually served in the morning with breakfast, strong black tea, sugar cubes and

At home, tea is usually prepared using loose leaf tea. The preferred tea used in Iran today is Indian black tea or Sri Lankan black tea – preferably orthodox leaf and orthodox loose leaf (never CTC tea).

(Special mention here: Rose tea owned by GA Randerian & Co. Ltd. of Kolkata. An Indian tea box. Aluminum foil, then regular. It is covered with red paper and finally covered with a different red-red seal. , hand-sealed tea, no doubt. , has been one of the most popular and respected teas in Iran for decades.

It is usually used to heat water (tea kettle) for making tea. Fresh tea leaves are placed in a beautifully decorated ceramic teapot and hot water

Iran Tea , Iranian Drinks , Iranians, Kettle, Persian, Coffee, Cup, Tea

Pour in the tea leaves. The tea can be ‘steamed’ by placing the tea pot on low heat. In some homes, some dried rose petals are also added to the tea leaves for fragrance. It is also common to add saffron, cardamom and other spices to flavor the tea.

Since these are not fully filled, guests may feel that the tea is too strong to add hot water from it.

To weaken. At home, tea is usually served with sugar cubes, breads and traditional Iranian sweets.

Drinking tea is an important part of Iranian culture and life. From the friendly and cheerful khave khanehs on every street in Iran to the warm and welcoming family homes, Cha-e represents the rich Persian heritage that defines harmony and hospitality. And smart.

Uppersia Iran Travel Blog: Be Familiar With Food And Table Etiquette In Iran

Ketan Desai is the Education Officer at Tees. After working with the family tea business, Kethan has worked with some of the best tea producers, confectioners, ingredients and suppliers in India, Sri Lanka, Russia and CIS countries. , England, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Africa

A tea taster and blender, and avid enthusiast, Kethan leads tea workshops and events, instructing participants in entertaining events while explaining the key nuances of live testing sessions.

At Teas, Kathan Teas leads content and social initiatives. He is the president of Teach Me, which focuses on educating children in key countries.

Ketan’s favorite tea is Darjeeling First Flush, which he prefers to drink without milk or sugar. He can be found on Twitter @ketdes, @teatotaller on Instagram and [email protected].

Turquoise Persian Tea Set

Shop our biggest ad! Small boxes available Shop our biggest ad! Small Boxes Available 0 Days : 0 Hours : 0 Minutes : 1 Seconds 0 Days : 0 Hours : 0 Minutes 1 Key is delivered anytime anywhere in Iran. Cooked in a pan, it was darker and grittier than what I usually get back home. No wonder Iranians put a lump of sugar in their mouths before drinking tea. Not knowing how tea is consumed in this country, I want to grow my sugar until the sugar is gone. At the shop, Chai Bai gives tea and leaves, shopkeepers chat and buy tea. The tea culture is so rich that it is hard to resist offering a cup of tea.

The tea experience started when we visited Iran. We drove eight hours to Tehran and 5 hours later to Mazandaran. In the dark, our bus stopped at a teahouse on the highway for a cup of tea. It’s 1 a.m. and he’s asleep – the key wakes him up and tells us where we’re going. Arrived at our host’s house at Babol, Mazandaran and served tea at 3am. It’s as hot as a cup of tea!

Taking tea is a ritual, so the drink is served at the beginning of an event and at the end of most meals. We drank tea in the chaykhaneh (teahouse) in the carpeted and pillow-covered Takhts (lower level) of the Eram Gardens in Shiraz and the Sadabad Palace in Tehran. Take off your shoes and sit on the platform with the table under your feet. Lying on pillows and chatting with friends while sipping tea, the entire experience is so relaxing with the lush greenery and flowers surrounding the Takhts.

In Sadabad, there is a cafe where there is live music with male singers singing Iranian songs. As the tea and food were served, the Iranians sang a song, and some energetic young women clapped their hands, shook their heads, and clapped their hands. Soon, administrative staff approached the girls and reminded them not to sing or dance in public. Although the dialogue is in Persian, we understand what is going on as Soudabe translates the entire conversation between the man and the girls. We laughed as Southabe began to whisper, “My voice won’t hurt them!” Welcome to a new story in my Persian Corner: Iranian Culture Boot Camp. Here we go into small details about specific aspects of Iranian culture that you can talk about as a citizen. Everything you wanted to know about tea culture and etiquette in Iran comes first in history.

Around The World In Tea Archives

In American households, pots of coffee wake up in the morning. In Iranian homes, on the other hand, gas stoves hum, water slowly boils and steam slowly escapes from pots.

The beginning of a new day. Iranians take tea first at breakfast and do not rest until they retire for the night. For many, that rearview mirror creates a sleeping pill for nightmares. And keys are not stored in these areas. If you make tea, make sure your Iranian guests appreciate its color, strength, flavor, heat, and texture. So here’s how to fix it.

Khouri / ghuri (teapot) कत्री / ketri

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