Skiing And Snowboarding In Iran

Skiing And Snowboarding In Iran – When you think of Iran, you probably think of sand dunes and blue domes! The truth is that Iran is a country of dense forests and cold mountains! Mountain ranges such as Zagros and Alborz are ideal for ski touring, off-piste skiing and snowboarding. With over 600 peaks over 4000m and over 15000 over 3000m, Iran could be the next Alps! The best ski resorts in Iran are mainly concentrated around the capital Tehran. But useless places are scattered here and there. The ski season in Iran runs from November to mid-May, but January and February are the Persian dust months. Join me as the best Iran ski guide where you will learn everything you need to know to have an unforgettable skiing adventure in the oldest country in the world…

Whether you’re skiing in a resort or hitting the wild mountains, Iran has you covered. You can choose from alpine (or downhill) skiing, ski mountaineering, ski touring, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing, telemark skiing, freeride skiing, backcountry (or off-piste) skiing and snowboarding. Just say what you want! However, alpine, speed, boardcross and skiing are very popular in Iranian resorts.

Skiing And Snowboarding In Iran

There are about 16 ski resorts in Iran that offer different types of facilities and slopes. Among them are the places built around Tehran, which boast the longest slopes, the best facilities and snow quality. In the off-season, most resorts offer access to skiing, hiking, walking and mountain biking. Avoid Nowruz holidays and many weekends in Iran to get the best experience at Iranian resorts.

Ski In Iran

Other ski resorts in Iran may not satisfy expert skiers. However, it can also be used as a campsite for ski touring experiences and meeting local skiers.

Iran is a great place to ski from mid-November to mid-June due to its varying altitudes and snowy mountains. There are different piste styles to choose from depending on your taste, experience and the distance between your chosen ski area and the resort. So backcountry, backcountry, sidecountry, freeride, ski touring, ski mountaineering and splits are all on the table. But which mountain in Iran is the best place on the piste?!

Ski tours around major ski resorts such as Dizin, Darbandsar and Shemshak are a very affordable option. In addition to providing everything you need, they also cater to the giants of Iran!

Damavand Mountain (5610 m), the highest peak of Iran, is at the top of the list. Amazing slopes, good snow conditions, breathtaking views and the Pollor/Rineh guest house make the Doberar range the next best thing. Next in line are the Zagros Mountains with endless ski runs. The Alvand Mountains in Hamedan, the Chelgard Mountains near Isfahan, the Qandil Mountains in Kurdistan, the Zard Kuh Mountains in Kohrang Bakhtiari, the Oshtoran Kuh in Lorestan, and the Dena Mountains in Yasuj are slopes in the Zagros Mountains. Iran’s second highest peak, Alam Kuh (4848m) is also a perfect place for skiing. Want to relax in a hot spring after your skiing adventure? Then there is Sabalan (4811 m), the third highest mountain in Iran!

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Mount Damavand, the highest peak in the Middle East (5,610 m) and the tallest volcano in Asia, is a popular ski mountain magnet. Before skiing in Damavand, one should spend a few days skiing in the Dobera mountain range and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. April and May are the best time to travel. And the nearest cities are Polour, Rennes and Rennes. Strong winds, unstable conditions and low temperatures make winter climbing difficult. Therefore, it is better to wait until spring. South Face Road is very popular for skiing.

To the southeast of Damavand mountain is the Doberar mountain range with a length of more than 70 km and a height of 35+3000 and more than +4000. The highest peak of this range is East Doberar (4250 m). Most of the Doberar ski trails are on the northern slopes. With shade, good snow conditions, good angles and the absence of huge rocks and trees, the northern slopes are ideal for skiing. Doberar, Changizchal and Lasem are the best peaks for ski touring in Dobera. It only takes one day to conquer each peak and ski down to the village of Lesham. The best time for skiing in Doberar is March and April. To reach the Doberar Mountains from Tehran, take the road to Folor village (about 108 km). Then exit the main road and head east to Lasem Village, the starting point for Dobera Adventures. Choose Paul or Rene instead of Lasem for a better stay.

Want a safe and unforgettable skiing adventure in Demavand and Doberar? Ski trip to Damavand and Doberar!

Iran’s second highest mountain (4850 m) is a top-class ski tour/balcony mountain destination. Alam Kuh, part of the Takt-e Soleman mountains with more than 4000 peaks consisting of 14 peaks, has various ski/ski tracks. April, May and June are ski season. From Tehran, drive to Kelardasht (about 150 km) to reach Alam Kuh. Kelardasht has 2 fully equipped guesthouses for your stay. Drive 4WD to Calbozon for a sleigh ride and camp there. From there you can ski the nearby +4000 peak every day.

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Mount Sabalan (4,811 m) in northwest Iran is the third highest mountain in Iran. With its beautiful volcanic lakes, several hot springs and +3000 and +4000 peaks, Sabalan is a paradise for skiers. The ski season lasts from January to June. To reach Sabalan from Tehran, you need to go to Ardabil (about 590 km flight time: 1:05 hours) or Meshqin Shahra (690 km from Tehran, 98 km from Ardabil). Then reach the highest point of the mountain by 4WD. Don’t miss a relaxing experience at one of Sabala’s hot springs!

The Dena Mountains, part of the 1,600-kilometer-long Iranian Zagros Mountains that stretch from northwestern Iran to Iran’s western border, are a popular skiing destination. These mountains can be reached through Shiraz, Isfahan and Yasuz. High altitudes and numerous snow peaks make Dena an excellent destination for ski tours and winter sports. The best peaks for a ski tour in Dena are Barfkermo (4110 m), Bizhan (4350 m) and Gashmastan (4400 m). The ski season lasts from January to March. Start your adventure in Shiraz or Yasuj to discover the best of the Zagros. Then drive to Sisakt (208 km from Shiraz and 34 km from Yasuj).

Another range in the Zagros mountains suitable for skiing is the Zad Koo mountains (4200). Shah Mansuri Peak (about 7 hours of skiing), Gilas Peak (6 hours of skiing), Nyakan Peak (6 hours of skiing) and Samsami Peak (8 hours of skiing) offer the best skiing in Yellow Mountain. The ski season lasts from January to March. To reach Zard-Kuh from any city, you must first find the road to Shahr-e Korda. Then drive to the village of Chelgert (approx. 92 km), the starting point of your skiing adventure.

Another part of the Zagros Mountains, Oshtorankuh (4150m), has peaks on the north face that are great for ski touring. Easy access to the starting point and more than 30 +3000 and +4000 peaks also give Oshtorankuh popularity. The ski season lasts from January to March. To reach there, you need to find your way to Khorramabad.

Grand Plans For Darbandsar Ski Resort

Another Zagros mountain, Mount Alvand (3600 m) is a huge granite with a beautiful glacier on its north face. With an altitude of more than +3000 m, Alvand is one of the best ski resorts in the Zagros. The ski season lasts from January to March. To reach Alvan, you need to go to Hamadan.

In the northwest of Iran, you can see the most beautiful landscapes of Iran. You will also find safe ski trails. There are beautiful hiking trails in the Sahand mountains near Tabriz. Also, many untouched slopes await you near Urmia on the border with Turkey!

Like any ski destination, skiing in Iran comes with risks. Steep slopes, unstable weather and avalanches are always a danger. Resorts in Iran are not prepared for heavy snowfall and may be closed during heavy snowfall. If you plan to ski, be prepared with the proper skills and equipment for potential hazards. Also, the best mountain rescue teams may differ from European standards.

Every ski resort in Iran has at least one rental shop. Ski shops can be found in major cities. But don’t expect to find the latest gadgets everywhere. Tehran has luxury resorts and several shops.

Dizin Ski Resort, The First And The Biggest Ski Resort In Iran

The pre-ski experience in Iran is completely different. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited and there are no public entertainment facilities. However, Iranian skaters enjoy a friendly chat over a bite or coffee at the resort’s restaurants and cafes.

You are good! It is not difficult to find a hotel, room, guest house or apartment around the ski slopes. Accommodation prices in the main ski areas can be slightly higher. If you are traveling in a group,

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