What Is The Biggest Mall In Dubai

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What Is The Biggest Mall In Dubai

More than 75 million people visit the world’s largest mall in Dubai every year, more than the Eiffel Tower, Niagra Falls and Disney World combined. But that’s not enough for Dubai. The emirate has revealed that plans are under development for a new giant mall, the Mall of the World. This new mega-mega project which will occupy 48 million square meters and lay claim to the title of the largest shopping mall in the world. The Mall of America just waved its fist at the sky in futile anger.

The Dubai Mall

There is no information yet on a start or end date for the project. The Mall of The World is expected to have an indoor theme park under a glass dome, hotels and apartments, and a “wellness” area. The stores will be located under the world’s first temperature-controlled shopping network. Clearly, the creation of a commercial biodome is the next step for Dubai to support retail tourism during the hot summer months. The emirate is planning an even bigger mall, so big that it’s already described as a temperature-controlled city. It will be called Mall of the World and will cover 48 million square meters.

The plan may seem curious to Americans who are watching their neighborhood malls begin to fade. The classic indoor mall β€” an America staple for decades β€” is in rapid decline across the United States. Former flagships like Circuit City and Mervyns are no longer in business, and other staples like J.C. Penney (JCP) and RadioShack (RSH) have fallen on hard times.

The American middle class is still grappling with the economic recovery. Median household income has declined for all but the wealthiest Americans since 2007. Americans are also shifting more of their spending online. Only one large indoor mall has opened in the United States since 2007, reports The Oregonian.

Conversely, Dubai is now a market for the rich and famous. It’s a top three destination for ultra-wealthy Chinese tourists, for example, and is home to some of the most impressive architectural buildings in the world. It has the tallest building in the world, the largest indoor snow park in the world and the largest shopping mall in the world.

Dubai Mall, The Largest Shopping Mall In The World With 1200 Shops, Part Of The Burj Khalifa Complex, Dubai, Uae Stock Photo

That mall, the Dubai Mall, receives 75 million visitors a year, more than the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls and Disney World combined, CNN reports. It has the largest total area of ​​any shopping mall in the world and features 1,200 shops, an ice rink, an aquarium and a Boeing 737 flight simulator.

Dubai has around 40 shopping malls in total, and around a third of the emirate’s economy revolves around retail trade. Unlike other areas in the Middle East, Dubai is not dependent on oil for much of its revenue. Instead, the emirate thrives on tourism and commercial affairs.

Dubai officials see the new Mall of the World as a way to continue retailing. It will have the world’s largest indoor amusement park, according to the developer, which is also owned by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. The developer did not say when construction will begin or how much the structure will cost, AFP reports.

The developers want to put the theme park under a glass dome to protect it from Dubai’s scorching heat. The mall will also be air-conditioned, and the 4.3 miles of walkways connecting the two projects will be shaded and air-conditioned, AFP reports. It will have about 100 hotels and residences, a theater district and a “wellness” area for medical tourists.

Dubai Shopping: 5 Don’t Miss Spots

“Our ambitions are higher than seasonal tourism,” Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed said in a statement. “Tourism is a key driver of our economy and we aim to make the UAE an attractive year-round destination.”

He said Marriott’s business in Paris fell 25% in December after the attacks, but he expected a recovery in March

Kim Peterson is a financial journalist covering business and economics. He has written for numerous online and print publications, including MSN Money and The Seattle Times. Every country has a national pastime. For Americans it’s baseball and for Canadians it’s hockey, but for the UAE, their favorite sport is something a little different: shopping. Suffice to say, if shopping were an Olympic sport, the nation would be a gold medal contender, and Dubai is right at the heart of it. But unlike other cities that have shopping streets or shopping districts, Dubai is all about malls. There are literally hundreds of them, and some are so large they could be cities in their own right. They carry every imaginable brand name and cater to locals and tourists alike. For those who don’t like shopping, shopping in Dubai may seem almost ridiculous and incredible, but for those who have a problem with shopping, it is a consumer mecca just waiting to be visited.

Dubai’s malls offer more than just places to top up your credit card, and many have become tourist attractions in their own right. They offer cafes, restaurants and have huge indoor entertainment. Indeed, Dubai is home to the largest shopping mall in the world, which houses a giant aquarium, an ice rink and a theme park, and sits next to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. The Mall of the Emirates has the largest indoor ski slope in the world and, more importantly, they are all air-conditioned, so even tourists visiting in the height of summer should have a comfortable experience. Another strong point? Unlike American malls, which have limited opening hours on public holidays and Sundays, Dubai malls are open seven days a week, usually from 10am to 1am for the ultra-dedicated who want to transform the national pastime in an activity evening.

Best Things To Do In The Dubai Mall

As if the malls weren’t enough, Dubai is also home to several Arabian-style souks, each offering a special type of product. There are several markets in the city, notably the Gold Market, Spice Market and Cloth Market, which tend to function more as tourist attractions than actual consumption areas. But they’re definitely worth exploring to get a taste of old-world Arabia.

The Dubai Mall is the flagship of Dubai’s consumerism. Not only is it the world’s largest shopping mall, but it’s also next door to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and is home to nearly every brand name on the planet. It is so popular that it attracts over a quarter of a million visitors every week. Shops range from major department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Debenham’s to powerhouses like Sony, Bose and Samsung. There are also places to find home furnishings, floral arrangements, traditional Arab clothing, books and stationery. Attractions include a world-record aquarium where you can do things like cage snorkeling and an ice rink while trying your hand at some shopping. The mall also has a number of fast food outlets, cafes and restaurants, including American chains such as Chili’s and Outback Steakhouse, as well as Asian cuisine and traditional Arabic options.

Mall of the Emirates is another major shopping destination in Dubai. A new fashion wing has brought more high-end brands to the mall, and the almost preposterous indoor ski slope Ski Dubai is regularly one of the hottest spots for tourists. With 520 international departments, fashion, lifestyle, sports, electronics and home furnishings brands, two of the most famous brands are Harvey Nichols department store and Boutique 1. Family leisure offerings also include the Magic Planet entertainment, a 14-screen multiplex cinema, a five-star Kempinski Hotel, a Pullman Dubai hotel, the 500-seat DUCTAC community theater in the mall and an associated arts centre, as well as over 85 cafes and restaurants. With all these amenities, it feels like you never have to leave.

Rising along the banks of historic Dubai Creek, the Festival Center is Dubai’s premier waterfront destination for style and sophistication, showcasing an exciting array of prestigious retailers, international food and drink, and world-class entertainment, including a complex of 12 large cinemas and a bowling centre. The mall has over 400 shops, with 25 flagship stores and over 90 cafes, restaurants and bistros. One of the mall’s biggest attractions is one of the largest IKEAs in the world. Other notable stores include Forever 21, Marks & Spencers, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Lacoste. The mall is also part of the larger Dubai Festival City, a premier urban community spanning 1,300 hectares of waterfront designed to capture the innovative spirit of 21st century Dubai. The city too

Dubai Landmarks: World’s Tallest Building, Largest Mall & Dancing Fountains

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