Traditional Iran Clothing

Traditional Iran Clothing – Different people in different cities and countries have special clothes. If it is true that today almost 70% of people wear the same clothes and have very similar styles, that does not mean that each country and ethnic group has its own unique style and attire. You can’t Iran. The beauty of these women’s clothing and clothing has a special appearance that attracts the eye of the beholder. Today, in this article, I will introduce some of the most beautiful dresses of Iranian women.

You should know that different regions of Iran have their own history, customs, culture and of course the habits of each region, the domain is no longer produced and no longer seems to be tired.

Traditional Iran Clothing

Of course, these simple clothes are part of our country’s culture and history, and we must work to preserve it. Traditional Iranian women’s clothing covers all the stories we have to tell. If you want to know more about these, come to us.

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It is mainly colored in Baluch women’s clothing. With its colorful nature, many photographers have come to the area and have even chosen Baluch women’s clothing as the subject of their photos. Baluch women design their clothes with Jameg (like a blouse) and Pajameg (pants) that men also wear and they use long sash (Sarig) and Taku (type of veil) to add sophistication. economic. These women use a lot of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, shoes…

Guillain women wear pleated skirts, large silk dresses with veils, bodices, and veils in the back, especially pleated skirts and back skirts. It is important to know that two infulas are used in the clothing of Giran women and these infulas have different names in different parts of Iran.

Some have suggested that women’s clothing in Syracuse was made by most of the women in the city. The Siracs have a very popular fabric called the large Kusu scarf for local Sirac women, but they use a special Kusu weave for wedding dresses.

Abyaneh Women’s Costume is one of the traditional women’s costume festivals in Iran. Women’s dress in the Sciraz region consists of a shirt, bedspread, skirt, skirt, veil, socks and (a type of shoe). Sometimes they use a kind of veil at night, which is a silk scarf with a checkered and rectangular pattern, the girls use a yellow veil and the old women use a colored veil. red.

Men Wear Traditional Dresses Circa Isfahan, Iran. Editorial Image

Hormozgan has a wide range of women’s clothing, such as: Kandure, Gavan, Oshcom, Noshte, Rugam, Ajam, Arabic, Plain, etc. Each category adds to a woman’s style. They often fold the veil in half and wrap it around or wear it like an Indian saree. Wedding veils have another story: they use silk veils with veils and back decorations. Khus is covered with some very nice decorations.

They have different clothes. Jafi, Palliolum, Cologne, Kelav and Kelakeh are actually the main attire of Kurdish women. Jafi pants are worn by both men and women, women in the village wear to work, but in general women wear thin pants.

Belly columns are worn over an ao dai called sukuma, made of silk. A beautiful fabric shawl wraps around her back and is decorated with colorful sequins. Corque is a type of scarf used to replace hats, which are long strands of black and white silk.

The most important part of Gorvani’s women’s clothing is the Ilam. The women’s clothing in this region has a traditional Achaemenid style. Golvani, in their language, usually means a scarf or scarf made of traditional silk.

Traditional Clothes Of Semnan Province

Of course, it is important for young girls to wear smaller Golban scarves. Today, this Lorestan scarf is considered a souvenir. These types of clothing have been popular since ancient times, especially in that region, by the Medes and Achaemenids.

Women’s clothing in this region is divided into three parts: leggings, bras and bras. It was like an old wrinkled dress, a long coat and a long wool coat. The most common dress worn by Azerbaijani women is the chadra, a type of veil.

The traditional clothes of Iranian women from this country have many beautiful features but are dark in color. Bushehr women wear a long, wrinkled skirt with a thin black scarf and a thin mask over their faces, pants called chica, and shoes called kush, also known as kush, and are decorated with exquisite insignia crafty and beautiful. Bushehr women often wear veils. Traditional Persian dress by Sara Tabrizi and her team of models (left to right): Parmis Keshmiri (Kurdish – Iran) | Laura Velázquez (Kandahar – Afghanistan) Sarah Tabrizi (Kabul – Afghanistan) Angelica Brieva (Lurish – Iran) Zahra Safaee (Qashqai – Iran) |

Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, and Türkiye are the main regions on the ancient Italian road of Silius. Remnants of the tourist trade still abound in these regions.

Traditional Dresses Of Iran

The Persian community, with the support of local restaurateurs and chefs Fred Sufi, Fereshte Zakheri and Sarah Tabrizi, has put together a beautiful way to bring together the rich heritage of the Afghan community and Iran through fashion.

She is the executive producer and organizer of the show. Once an architecture student in Tabriz, he is now studying and working in the design industry, specializing in interiors and design.

As Iranians, we want to wear Afghan clothes not only to show respect to another country that speaks the same language, but also to create a sincere relationship between two countries that share the same language and culture. . – Sarah Tabrizi

The clothes of the Kurds represent different ages, occasions and times. Young people tend to use lighter and lighter colors, like in this photo.

Ardabil Traditional Clothes

Organizer: Sara Tabrizi Models: Zahra Safaee, Mahya Rezaei Kalantari, Angelica Brieva, Mahshid Rostami, Laura Velasquez, Parmis Keshmiri | Artist: Lynn Lin and Nina Ouyang Photographer: Mehrdad Kashmiri

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All Kinds Of Traditional Iranian Women’s Clothing Models

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Tourism Iran showcases a wide variety of clothing belonging to different cities and cultures to showcase the glorious Persia.

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