Traditional Iran Food Recipes

Traditional Iran Food Recipes – A common food law of any country, even if we don’t satisfy it, attracts people there. We often substitute other ingredients that are not listed in any cookbook. Because of this, many of our priorities have changed over the years. Regardless of the change in Iranian food, its results are very good today. If you are new to Farsi, start with these basic recipes.

Handicrafts are one of the main tourist attractions in each region. One of the enduring joys of traveling is tasting the food and drink of the region we are visiting. It’s a fun and enjoyable experience that everyone can have. What is interesting is to understand the differences and similarities between our country’s traditional food and other countries.

Traditional Iran Food Recipes

The taste of Iranian food is typical. This means that Iranian food does not have strong aromas, flavors or colors. We use spices and herbs like black pepper, ginger and saffron in all the main dishes but the quantity is not too high.

Traditional Persian Recipes

The taste and flavor of each meal is not because of the spices and flavors but because of the slow cooking of the food. In Persian cuisine, there is no substitute for low heat and long cooking time.

Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the most popular Persian dishes that you can’t find anyone who doesn’t like it. Fenugreek, coriander, oregano, fenugreek, spinach, black peas, or red beans, slaked lime, onion, black pepper, turmeric and saffron are used in the production of Ghormeh curry, and all of them have beneficial properties. ,

He has many followers. There are tips and tricks for cooking Gheemeh, which if you follow will make your food interesting and delicious. The recipe for this dish requires attention to detail to improve the quality of the stew. During the cooking process of this stew, the split beans usually remain green, or sometimes they are overcooked.

It is a famous and ancient Persian food. Chickens say. Fessengen stew with chicken (sometimes small pieces of meat) is cooked in walnut and pomegranate skin and is very tasty. You can change the taste and flavor of this stew by adding sugar.

Best Saffron Recipes

Apart from this, you can also use one or two glasses of fresh pomegranate juice. This ensures that you have the best and most delicious Faesenjoon Stew.

Cutlets are good for lunch or dinner and garnished with a fresh salad. Meat lovers are sure to love this one! Although it sounds difficult, it is not difficult to do. Look, I know your whole family will love it. The first reason to love cutlets? The ingredients are very easy to prepare and I love the texture. Here is the cutlet recipe! I hope you do and enjoy it.

Jujeh Kebab is one of the Iranian kebabs that are usually made from chicken and is one of the most popular Iranian dishes in many restaurants. The ingredients of this delicious kebab include chicken meat and spices to make the chicken meat more tender and delicious. With the ingredients given in this recipe, you can make kebabs for 4 people.

Koofteh Tabrizi is one of the most famous and delicious foods in Tabriz, the most populous city in the north of Iran. Today, kufteh (Persian meatballs) is cooked in almost every city of Iran and you can find different recipes for preparing kufteh tabrizi. Kufteh Tabrizi is probably one of the traditional Persian dishes that every visitor should try at least once when they are in this beautiful city. It’s the perfect weekend meal or dinner, and it’s one of those recipes we know you’ll love!

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Tahchin Morg is one of the most delicious Persian dishes, with all the special features of Persian cuisine. Beautiful color and aroma of saffron, red grapes and tahdig!

Tahchin can be cooked in different ways, but the most popular type is Tahchin Morgh, which is usually cooked outside the oven. Apart from rice and chicken, eggs, curd and saffron are required to make Tahchin Morg. If you use butter instead of oil, the tahchin will be very sweet.

Reshteh Polo is one Persian dish that you cannot say ‘no’ to. In many cities of Iran, reshteh balls are formed during the Navroz (Persian New Year) meal. Reshteh balls are cooked and served in different ways according to people’s taste. Reshe balls are cooked in different parts of Iran with saffron chicken, meat, turkey meat or smoked fish, lentils, grapes, barberry and dates.

Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche or Persian Dill and Fava Bean Rice is one of the wonders of Persian cuisine and is often served at parties or weddings. A delicious rice dish served with chicken, lamb, lamb or meat. You can use fresh, frozen and dried fava beans to make Baghali Ball. Dill adds flavor and aroma to baghali balls, and you can use it fresh or dried, but we recommend using fresh. Are you ready for a simple and easy Baghali Ball recipe?

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Adas Polo (Ice and Lentil Stew) is one of the Persian favorites. The ingredients in this dish are lentils and rice cooked with different ingredients such as beef or chicken, grapes and dates. Lentils are a rich source of plant-based iron and protein and are very important for maintaining the health of the body. Most of the time the adas ball is accompanied by grapes and dates.

Estamboli Polo is one of the easiest desserts that you can make with simple ingredients. After frying the onions, tomatoes and potatoes, put the rice and water in the pot and bring to a boil. Estamboli pollo is usually served with a Shirazi salad or yogurt. You can fry the potato separately and use fried meat and serve it with rice.

One of those quick, comforting, homemade recipes that everyone tries for lunch or dinner on busy days. Estamboli Polo is an easy-to-make dish that everyone knows, but every simple dish has its own secret cooking rules to make it taste great.

Zeresk balls and chicken are undoubtedly a traditional Persian dish for dinner or family gatherings. The secret to preparing delicious and mouth-watering zereshk balls is lots of fried onions and saffron.

How To Start Cooking More Persian Food

There are two ways to cook the chicken for zereshk polo morg recipe. You can first cook the chicken in water with onions and spices and then fry it. But in another way that is used here, the chicken is first fried in a little oil and then cooked with light onions and other ingredients to make its sauce.

Rice is a staple of Iranian cuisine. Different methods are used to cook rice. Chelo is soft boiled rice. You can serve chelo with ghormeh sabzi, khoresht karafs, khoresht gimeh, and all kinds of meat and stews like kebabs. Polo is a Persian dish made with vegetables, meat, chicken and various legumes such as cowpea polo and baghali polo. How do you make colorful and delicious Lobia Balls? You can cook cowpea pollo with different recipes, for example, with meat, chicken or soy, or beef, like this recipe.

Sabzi ball is an Iranian dish of rice and chopped vegetables, usually accompanied by fish. Vegetable Polo is one of the most popular Persian dishes. This dish was used for Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Vegetable pollo and fish is a special dish in Persia. Fish is rich in nutrients such as protein and vitamin D and is a good source of omega-3. This vitamin is important for the body and mind. Fish is high in protein, iodine, various vitamins and minerals. However, some types of fish are better than others, and their type of fat is one of the healthiest types of fish.

Baked or fried brinjal is used in various dishes. Fried eggplants are also good for making khoresht gheemeh, but can also be used to make kashke badmazan. Yes, the traditional way to make kashk e bademjan is to eat brinjals, but fried brinjals are perfect for kashk e bademjan recipe.

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Kashk of Bademjan is one of the simplest Iranian dishes, which is now cooked in various dishes and is a staple of the Persian table.

Khoresh karafs is one of the Persian dishes that many people love but cooking this stew is difficult and difficult and only a few people can make a delicious stew. Currently, this dish is prepared in different ways. Most of the time, khoresht karaf is seasoned with mint and oregano, which is also used here. But some people make khoresh karaf without vegetables, while some people add beans.

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