Waterfalls And Lakes In Iran

Waterfalls And Lakes In Iran – Visiting some of the most spectacular waterfalls and beautiful waterscapes in the world can be a great vacation option on a hot summer day in Iran.

Watching the awe-inspiring sight of waterfalls, one of nature’s most magical creations, and listening to their mesmerizing sounds can be a great escape from stress and of course the heat! There are many waterfalls in Iran, in different climates and regions, all of which are amazing in their own way. There’s something truly refreshing about visiting a waterfall, so in this post we’ll explore some of the best waterfalls to inspire you to consider them as your next stop on your trip to Iran during the hottest days of summer!

Waterfalls And Lakes In Iran

This amazing waterfall is located in Sepidan district of Fars province and can be included in your itinerary when you visit Shiraz. Margoon Falls is more than 70 meters high and when you get there, you will find yourself in paradise in the middle of a hot hot mountainous area! The name of the waterfall literally means snakes. This beautiful waterfall is included in the National Geographic list of wild and beautiful places in Iran.

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Laton Waterfall, which is located in Lavandavil, Astara district of Gilan province in northwestern Iran, is considered the highest waterfall in the country. This waterfall is 105 meters high and can be reached after a long walk through a beautiful forest. It is also a popular camping spot among lovers and hikers.

Bisheh is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iran. Located in the country of waterfalls in Loristan province, this amazing natural feature flows through the beautiful mountains of Zagra. With a height of 48 meters and a width of about 10 meters, this waterfall is also one of the largest waterfalls in the region. As the waterfall is located near Bisheh railway station, it is easily accessible and is a very popular place among travelers.

This waterfall is completely different from other waterfalls because it is completely frozen! This amazing resort is at an altitude of 5100 m and is located in the south of Mount Damascus. Its name means ice, because in July and August it melts for only a few hours and then freezes.

Shirabad Rocks is one of the natural attractions of Golestan province, located in a beautiful forest. There are 7 waterfalls here and you can reach the first waterfall after about 20 minutes through the forest. It is 25 meters high and flows into a beautiful turquoise lake. In some places, the depth of the lake exceeds 80 meters. If you continue on your way, you will have the opportunity to visit other waterfalls, the last one is in a 30-meter-high ruins.

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Asyab Kharabeh, which literally means broken water, is located near the city of Jolfa in East Azerbaijan Province. When you visit the waterfall, you will immediately understand why it is called Asyab Kharabe. The river falls into the spring and creates a wide waterfall. Due to its unique features, this waterfall is a very popular destination for nature lovers.

This waterfall, also known as Tale Zang, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Mount Zagra. It is located in the province of Khuzestan in the province of Dezful and is accessible through the railway station of Loristan. Shevy Falls flows from a cave and then cascades down creating an amazing sight. Some people consider it the most beautiful waterfall in Iran.

Another famous Nozhiyan waterfall in Loristan province is 95 meters high and it is one of the highest waterfalls in Iran. It originates from Nojian Forest Resort at the top of the Tafo Mountains, where many medicinal plants grow. It takes a 2 hour trek to reach the waterfall.

Located in Aliabad Katul district of Golestan province, Kebudval is the largest moss waterfall in Iran and one of the most beautiful natural features of Golestan. To reach the 6 meter high waterfall, you have to walk about 2 kilometers through the forest.

A Waterfall In A Forest Photo

Ganjnameh is located in Hamadan province and contains two Achaemenid trilingual coats of arms, making it one of the province’s tourist attractions. Ganjnameh waterfall is located at the end of the Abbas Abad Valley resort in Mount Elwend and can be visited with inscriptions. The 12-meter high waterfall created a very impressive sight in this tourist complex.

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The natural beauty of Iran is lakes, valleys, forests, valleys, mountains, caves, islands, springs and waterfalls. Sitting by a waterfall and listening to the roar of water pouring down a mountain is one of the most sublime and enlightening experiences. Here we will introduce some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran to inspire you to visit them when you visit Iran.

Margoon means “snake” in Persian. The waterfall is located in MargĂ»n village in the western valleys of Sepidan district of Fars province. It is also 150 kilometers north of Shiraz.

Margoon Falls is 70 meters high and 100 meters wide. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iran. The waterfall is actually the source of the river at the top of the mountain, but there are more than a few thousand springs pouring water from the rocky mountain walls.

Margoon village is located in a hilly area which is 2200 meters above sea level. Most of the year

Eskilim Waterfall In Savadkooh Is One Of Mazandaran’s Gorgeous Tourist Att

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