Traditional Food From Iran

Traditional Food From Iran – Persian breakfast can be a combination of bread and feta cheese, jam, honey or butter, or a hot plate of Halim, Adasi or Kale Pache. Persians also often drink tea with their breakfast.

When it comes to eating breakfast, Iranians take it to the next level. Thanks to the wide selection of breakfast and food options, everyone can find their healthy and nutritious choice to start the morning well.

Traditional Food From Iran

Bread plays an important role in typical Iranian cuisine. Persian bread is a popular part of Iranian breakfast dishes.

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Bread (nan) is usually bought every morning. The best way to eat a Persian breakfast is with warm bread fresh from the bakery’s oven.

Bread in Iran (nanvaii) is in almost every corner of the city and is easy to find. Each nanvaii is usually bought to bake a specific type of bread with a specific baking method depending on the type of bread.

A cup of fresh Persian tea (chai) is almost a must in a Persian morning. Tea contains almost all the nutrients listed below. Iranians usually eat their breakfast sweet and without milk.

It should be remembered that the traditional Iranian dish, paneer (cheese), is always eaten with bread. Persian bread and cheese is an easy breakfast and a smart choice if you want a quick and filling breakfast.

Persian Cuisine Consists Of Modern And Traditional Cooking Methods.the

Iranians often make small dishes from bread and cheese. They sprinkle cheese on a small piece of bread and put various things on it. Common things that come with a few slices of cheese and bread are:

As well as snacks and cheese, Iranian breakfast has a variety of desserts that are covered with butter or cream jam or on bread with honey.

There are many types of jam in Iran. Although you can buy almost all of these varieties in stores, many traditional Iranian families enjoy them at home, and trust me, once you smell the heavenly aroma that wafts from the jams, you won’t easily go back to the store. . From roses to ginger, Persian mothers make delicious jam!

Halim is a traditional Persian dish consisting of grain and meat. This dish usually takes hours to prepare, but this healthy and delicious dish is worth the effort!

Iranian Foods, Tehran, Iran

Halim is not only a healthy and dense food, but also a good source of energy throughout the day. This Persian breakfast is rich in nutrients such as fiber, iron and magnesium.

Adasi is a fast food and since lentils are its main ingredient, Adasi is a good source of protein and iron. Another good thing about Adasi is that it is one of the vegetarian dishes in Iran.

Remember to sprinkle some ground Angelica on top of the soup when serving. Ground Angelica is believed to balance the cold nature and trust me, it takes the flavor to a whole new level.

Kale pacheh is a soup made from sheep’s head (eyes, tongue and brain) and hooves. Maybe he considered it a Persian dish, but in fact this dish is probably one of the most popular dishes in Iran.

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The most popular Persian omelette is the Persian tomato omelette, which is usually made with fresh tomatoes or peeled tomatoes.

In addition to all the delicious foods mentioned above, each region of Iran has special foods that people usually eat for breakfast, which unfortunately cannot be mentioned in one post. But here are some of the most popular dishes in different regions of Iran:

Shire (palm juice) and Arde (sesame oil) is a healthy breakfast commonly served in southern Iran.

Iranian Breakfast Traditional Iranian Breakfast Bread Persian Breakfast Cheese Persian Herbs Persian Hot Food Persian Tea Traditional Persian Breakfast Many people want to try traditional or local food when they travel to a new place. If you belong to this group, Iran is a good choice for your next vacation.

Iran Food & Drinks Guide

Iranians are known as excellent cooks. Also, while traveling in Iran, you will notice their different dishes.

In addition to the traditional Iranian dishes that are prepared throughout the country, many towns and villages have their own local dishes along with Persian dishes.

When you look at the menu of Iranian restaurants, you will definitely see some dishes called Horesh (some say Horesht). This term is a general term for dishes in Iranian cuisine.

In Iran you can find many types of Khoresh, some of them like Ghorme Sabzi, Geimeh and Fesenjan are cooked in all cities and some like Khoresh Mast only in Isfahan.

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In this article, we will introduce you to some types of horeshi so that you are familiar with them, so when you are in a restaurant, do not forget to comment or name your favorite things to order. in different cities of Iran!

Sabzi Gourmet is a favorite Persian food among Iranians and foreign tourists and can be found on almost any restaurant menu.

The main ingredients of the soup are meat (lamb or veal), fresh herbs (parsley, coriander and spinach) and beans. It is used for cooking onions and spices.

The main ingredient of Celery Khoreshti is celery, so the porridge is very healthy. In addition to celery, other herbs are mint and parsley.

Most Popular Iranian Foods

It is cooked with lamb or beef. Some add kidney beans and pomegranate paste, which is less common.

Badenjan (eggplant) is used in various dishes of Iranian cuisine, but the most famous is Khoreshti Bademjan.

The main dish is a dish of meat and eggplant with onions and spices. Tomato sauce is also added to the dish.

Fesenjan is a kind of dish that is typical of Iranians. Some make Fesenjani with chicken and some with meat. Some are sweet and some are bitter.

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Meat and yellow beans are the main ingredients of the soup. When cooking, add tomatoes, onions and spices. Boiled noodles are cooked in small pieces.

If you’ve heard the word “Nazri”, you probably know that Iranians give out free food on certain religious occasions. Khoreshti Geime is the most popular Nazri dish.

This dish is mostly made in Isfahan, it has a different name, but it is very tasty. Because of its sweet taste, people eat it as a main dish or as a dessert.

Beef, plain yogurt and saffron are the main ingredients besides onions, turmeric seeds and sugar. Salt is a mixture of everything and it is impossible to know what is used.

Delicious Persian Traditional Food In Persian Dishes Stock Photo

Like Khoreshti Mast, this dish is not popular in Iran and is prepared only in Kerman province.

The mixture contains beef, soybeans, water and onions. Garlic, saffron, turmeric, salt and pepper are also added as spices.

Abgusht (Ab means water and Gusht means meat) is one of the traditional dishes of Iran.

When Abgusht is cooked in stone pots, it is called Diz. Whether its name is Abghusht or Dizi, you must try this local dish when you visit Iran.

Iranian National Cuisine Stock Photos, Royalty Free Iranian National Cuisine Images

The food has been cooked for many years and therefore its composition and recipes have changed in different regions of Iran.

At first, they cooked only lamb meat, onions and peas, but now they add tomatoes and potatoes to the dish. However, its service remains the same throughout the country.

First, soup or milk is divided from other ingredients and poured into a bowl, then small breads (usually Sangak) are placed in the soup and the mixture is eaten with a spoon.

Adding bread to the soup is called “Veksel”. Mix other parts and eat with onion, cucumber, basil and radish.

Iranian Restaurant Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

As mentioned, different cities in Iran have their own food and recipes for cooking Abgoosht & Diz, let’s take a look at some of them:

In Kerman, Abgusht is cooked with meat, a lot of cumin and a little garlic, they do not add potatoes or beans to the soup.

Bozbash Abgushti is another type of Abgushti that is mostly cooked in Tabrez. Instead of chickpeas, they use chickpeas and add onion, parsley and fenugreek.

Another type of Abgusht is called Abgusht Baghi (Bagh means garden). In addition to all the usual things, various fruits such as peaches, apples, cherries and apricots have been added to the element.

List Of Iranian Foods

You can find other types of Abgoosht & Diz while traveling in Iran, the most common ones are mentioned here

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