Carpet Made In Allwaz Iran 45 Yrs Old

Carpet Made In Allwaz Iran 45 Yrs Old – Buying an Oriental rug, such as the hand-knotted Turkish Vuzak rug pictured here, can seem like a mysterious process, but it becomes less so when you know how the rug is priced and what to look for.

Buying an Oriental rug, such as the hand-knotted Turkish Vuzak rug pictured here, can seem like a mysterious process, but it becomes less so when you know how the rug is priced and what to look for. Courtesy of John Bonnet

Carpet Made In Allwaz Iran 45 Yrs Old

The more I learn about oriental rugs, the more confused I become. In my experience, choosing one is the most difficult home design decision a person can make. That’s because there are so many factors to consider: material, pattern, weight, quality, pattern, size, color, and worst of all, price. How do you know if a salesperson is cheating on you?

Small Indo Persian Rug 3×3 Oriental Carpet Small Square

Another well-placed oriental rug, meaning a hand-knotted rug from Asia, can be the soul of a room. That’s why many designers recommend starting with a rug when decorating a room.

Of course, this is an illusion. In the real world, rugs come last. – It’s a beautiful rug, dear, but what shall we sleep on?

I have some rugs that I’ve collected over the years that I won’t share, but I recently learned that they aren’t where I think they are.

When I was at Uber, doubts surfaced. I had to talk to the Uber driver and everyone said he was reliable and he was from Iran where he traded marijuana. Naturally, I started asking why there was so much mistrust, haggling, lies and fraud in his business?

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To clarify, I called Robert Mann, owner of Robert Mann Rugs in Denver, one of America’s leading authorities on rugs. “The industry is not transparent,” he said. Mann has worked in the carpet industry for 45 years. He makes, repairs, sells, cleans and values ​​rugs. Today, he runs a large carpet cleaning and repair facility.

Yes, he explained, Turkey used to be a major producer of carpets. But as the country grew wealthier around 1990, fewer women were willing to spend their days weaving. (Can you blame them?) Productivity plummeted.

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“Around this time, the country lifted the ban on the import of foreign handwoven rugs,” he said. “As a result, non-Turkish rugs are everywhere in Türkiye.”

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I sent him four pictures of what I thought were Turkish rugs. Two are what he calls AF-PAC Refugee Rugs. They were likely made in Afghanistan, and they hark back to the days after Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, driving its citizens to Pakistan, where they plagued their trade. Two other rugs, including the entrance rug, were made in India, Mann said, which the Uber driver said was a Mamluk tradition.

By now, Mann has probably told me that Santa’s elves weave rugs during their holidays at the North Pole. However, that doesn’t change my feelings for them. I don’t care where they are made. I care about these beautifully handcrafted pieces from a declining art form from 400 BC that add warmth, color, and yes, soul to my home.

“Buying an Oriental rug is not an investment,” says Mann. “You do it to make yourself happy. That’s the only logical reason. The value comes from your appreciation and enjoyment of it.”

While the average consumer doesn’t always know the provenance of the rug like Mann and some Uber drivers do, here are some factors to consider when evaluating a rug: Safavieh Old World Collection 4′ X 6′ Dark Brown / Gold Ow115b Handmade Traditional Oriental Premium Wool Area Rug

• Number of knots. The more knots per inch a rug has, the finer the rug, the longer it has been woven, and the higher its value. “There’s a saying in the Middle East,” Mann said. “You can tell how rich a man is by how thin his rug is.” Place a ruler on the back of a hand-knotted rug and count the number of stitches per inch. If 10 knots up and 10 across, the carpet has 100 knots per square inch (cpi) and 14,400 knots per square foot (100 x 144 square inches).

• Work. In one day, an average goose weaver can tie 6,000 knots. Three weavers working side by side (three feet each) can knot 18,000 knots in a day on a 9-by-12-foot rug. A 9 foot wide, 100 cpi rug contains 129,600 knots per foot of carpet and would take 3 weavers 7 days, 4 months, 5 days a week to complete 12 feet. Carpets This does not include the time required to cut, spin and dye the wool.

• Cost per square foot. This is how the industry calculates costs, and so should you. Tell the producer the price of labor, materials, and carpet shipped to a US warehouse. it. Up to $15 per square foot. He usually sells the rugs to buyers for double that, or $30. The buyer then tags the item three times the retail price, or $90 per square foot, but would be happy to receive $60. Keep in mind when stopping supply chain negotiations.

• Fact checking. Years ago, some unscrupulous drug dealers gave the industry a bad name, Mann said. “Fortunately, today the internet can bet on a lot of lies.” Walk into a store and ask the question. What kind of rug is this? Where is it made? What is it made of? (Look for 100% wool over cotton.) How many knots per inch? Take notes and photos. When you find it in Pakistan 16/18, do a Google image search for its price.

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• Good inspection. Every rug dealer knows that you can’t buy rug without seeing it in your home, and will be more than happy to have it in your car. Drop it, see if it works, and most importantly, make sure you like it.

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This mamluk is handcrafted and convinces with its delicacy and simple elegance. The colors are well combined and the beautiful patterns bring things to life.

Rug #: 207986008426646 Dimensions: 9’11″x8’1″ft Thickness: App. 6mm Knot Density: 175 – 194/sqin Production: Hand-knotted Warp: Cotton Origin: Pakistan Pile: Hand-spun Wool Age: New Weight :application. 22.00 kg in stock: exclusive – only 1 in stock

Our rug arrived in a few days and we are very happy with it. quality…

Rugsotic Carpets Hand Tufted, Oriental Wool Area Rug, Blue,red, 5’x8′

Pakistani Rugs Most of the production of Pakistani rugs takes place in and around cities such as Lahore and Karachi. During the war with India many carpet cheerers of the time fled to Pakistan and settled there. Today, Pakistani Bukhara rugs are exceptionally hand-knotted. Similar to Afghan oriental rugs, Pakistani rugs are also made in dark colours, mostly red. Even the famous elephant foot pattern (repeating octagonal pattern) can be seen in Pakistan. “Based on our ethical principles, care and fairness, we at Nain Trading declare ourselves a supporter of the organization CARE & FAIR. The goal is a joint action of global carpet dealers to provide a social foundation for the children of carpet weaving families in India and Pakistan Protected Grow up This improves the whole family in the long run. A childhood fit for children and a life worth living – that’s our mission.

Handspun Wool This rug is made from the finest hand spun wool. Especially in Iran (formerly Persia), Afghani and Pakistani wool is still spun into carpets. Wool has proven for centuries to be an extremely hard-wearing natural material. Among other things, it has anti-fouling and heat-insulating properties. At the same time, wool is incredibly soft and has a natural luster. “

Hand Knotted Traditionally hand knotted rugs remain of the highest standard of quality in all types of rugs. Depending on the type of knot, the rug is very strong and can be passed down from generation to generation. The finer and denser the rug, the more detail can be expressed in that mass of ornaments and patterns. very oriental at the same time

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