Best Street Food In Iran

Best Street Food In Iran – Food is one of the most important reasons to visit Iran, as it represents many aspects of Persian culture. If you are not a fan of trying exotic food, join us to explore the world of Iranian cuisine and take you on a professional tour through Iran; If you are a fan, be sure to take advantage of the free ride!

I can answer all your questions on the subject, because there are many Persian dishes due to the different climates of our country, but I will try my best to highlight the important points Here. Persia’s vast territory and ethnic diversity have made Iran an ideal destination for culinary tourism. You can spend more than a month in Iran and still be surprised by what you see in front of you on the table and flowers (Sofre) in every corner of this land.

Best Street Food In Iran

Food is an important part of Iranian life. Mealtime is a great time to bring the family together. Mothers spend the morning hours in the kitchen gathering the whole family in beautiful Persian clothes with delicious food.

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Iran is a legal place; Most foods in Iran fall under the category of halal. Halal means food approved by Islamic law, although you may find other foods, such as pork, prohibited in Islam.

A famous Iranian dish is polo or berenge, Persian rice. Many Iranian families eat rice every day of their lives, me for example!, Therefore, in the Iranian food menu you can find a combination of Persian rice and different types of stews, kebabs or even fruits such as cherries . Polo cooking in Iran is different from other countries with a combination of culinary tricks!

Now, it’s time to talk about meat kebabs, which are very important in classical Persian cuisine. Kebabs are often served with polo (or as we say: chelo), the most popular meat is lamb, which is used to prepare Koobide kebab. You can find different types of kebabs in almost every restaurant, so try not to eat kebabs for your next visit to Iran!

Ghormeh Sabzi, herbal stew with pieces of meat, Fesenjan, stew with walnuts, pomegranate sauce with chicken or meatballs, Tahchin a mixture of rice, chicken, eggs and saffron to make a cake, ِDizi or Abgoosht a mixture of different beans . . , tomato and meat, Tahdig, Crispy fried rice that can be mixed with potatoes, bread and many other things, Jigar, a skewer of liver, kidney and heart in the street kitchen, and finally Kale Pache, something surprise you will meet here. !!

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The basis of Iranian cuisine often includes various types of meat, so Iran can be a paradise for vegetarian travelers. Although this does not mean that as a vegetable you will remain in the food standard in Iran. Some Iranian cities have vegetarian restaurants, such as Tehran and Shiraz, in other cities, local cuisine is a better option for such people. Kashke Bademjan, Mirza Haasemi, Ash Reshtekh, Omelet, Falafel, Potato Cutlet, and Chicken Vegetables are examples of dishes that are readily available in Iranian restaurants. Another option is fast food, like veggie pizza and pasta.

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Other spices such as saffron, rose water, cinnamon and pistachio appear in Persian desserts. There are many desserts that can be found especially in different restaurants such as Ranginak (dates and walnuts), Shole-zard (saffron pudding), Iranian halva, Bastani (Iranian ice cream), Faloodeh Shirazi (rice noodles), different types. of bread. with Zoolbia and Bamieh, which is in the month of Ramadan.

Different types of soft drinks are common among Iranians, such as soda, cola, Pepsi, fruit juice, Islamic beer and many others. Some are of Iranian origin, such as Sharbat and Arag, which have different flavors and try Persian summer drinks. Arag or Arak is made from simple herbs like Eglantine, Rose and Meant. Arak can be mixed with fruits. According to medical literature, the positive effects of arrack on the body are greater than the plant itself.

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Another great Persian drink is Doogh, a white and salty drink. Don’t delay, try after the kebab, relax and sleep with a bottle of dougo and dry mint!

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in Iran so don’t try to get them here or try who knows?!!

Shiraz wine or Syrah is one of the most famous brands in the world of drinks. Wine in Shiraz is recognized as the best wine in the Middle East, therefore, in the past Shiraz became the wine capital of Iran. The country has a good climate for growing grapes. According to the following story, in the 13th century, a French soldier named Gaspard de Sterimberg discovered a wonderful grape in Shiraz…

Tea is the national drink in Iran; a day can not be complete without a cup of tea! Many types of herbal tea are popular among Iranians, such as saffron tea and cinnamon tea. Another popular flavor is Bahar-e Naranj (orange blossom), Iranians add a few petals to their black tea, which has a sweet aroma.

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Drinking water is not safe to drink in Iran, although mineral water is readily available in any store. A bottle of mineral water in Iran costs about 30 cents.

Different types of bread can be found in Iranian markets. Taaftun, Barbari, Sanak and Lavaash are names you will hear in Iran.

The baking process here is also unique, different types of bread with different cooking methods, some in traditional ovens, some in modern machines.

Street food in Iran is like in many other countries in the world, but since restaurants are rare in Iran, enjoying these street food is amazing and people have power to be different from Iran. There are few popular Iranian street food places, the most famous ones are 30-Tir Street in Tehran, where I think you have increased the number of your visits because of special attractions like National Museum of Iran, Museum of Glassware and Ceramics. , or perhaps the Church of St. Peter. Isfahan, Tabriz, and southern cities such as Bandar Abbas and Ahwaz are other good examples in this region.

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When you walk on the 30th street, you can find different types of fast food (mainly hamburgers and falafel), traditional Persian dishes, ash, Turkish and Indian food, as well as many Persian drinks and small shops and restaurants. . You can watch a YouTube video of Trevor James and Mr. Tehran Street Food Taster held in November 2019, street food in Iran – INSANE FACTORY FURY for 10,000+ best Iranian food in Tehran, Iran! Plus a tour of undiscovered Iranian street food!! Mark Vince from Tabriz bazaar in March 2020.

Lashkar-Abad Street in Ahwaz is the next Persian food you won’t miss; Spicy falafel and samosas are the main products of this place and the most popular in the whole country, maybe even in the world! Don’t forget to try the delicious pickles and Arabic tea or coffee, you won’t find this in other cities. You can also listen to Bandari’s catchy music while looking at the food stalls full of young people on the streets of Los Angeles 😊

Ahwaz or Ahwaz is located in the south of Iran and is home to various ethnic groups such as Lurs, Bakhtiaris and Arabs. This diversity makes Ahwaz a good choice for food tourism.

A study of Persian cuisine cannot be complete without mentioning Iranian hospitality. You cannot complete your visit to Iran without being invited to a nearby home for a cup of tea, coffee, or even lunch or dinner with people you will never see again in your life. If you decide to go to a family dinner and accept an invitation from an Iranian or Taarof, remember the following points:

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Try to learn about the Persian culture while having a meal or tea with the locals in a house on the street, because the beauty is beautiful. Iranian lunch!

José and his friends went to Iran in 2017. They participated in a cooking class and learned some famous Persian recipes. What José Luis learned during the food day led him to invite his friends to an Iranian dinner in his town.

A famous Persian dish is Persian rice and kubideh kebab or, as the Iranians call it, Chelo Kebab. Shashlyk is prepared from lamb, this dish includes fried tomatoes and chopped fresh onions.

Spices are an important part of cooking in Iran, as in our other neighbors; therefore, Iranians add various spices to their dishes, although most Persian dishes are not spicy. Some areas like the southern islands

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