Skiing In Iran

Skiing In Iran – Skiing first started in the 1930s in Iran and is now common. There are approximately 19 ski resorts across the country, and the possibilities for skiing are endless!

These three places are in the same area and only 70km north of Tehran. You will find perfect snow conditions, long slopes and free hiking/ski trails.

Skiing In Iran

Most of the lifts are old-fashioned and the slopes are not well maintained, but don’t worry, Iran’s warm hospitality and unique Middle Eastern skiing experience more than make up for it.

Photos Of Dizin, Skiing In Iran

Spend half a day visiting Tochal, the largest castle in Iran. The building is small, but the view of Tehran from the top is breathtaking. From the top, you can see long and beautiful off-piste roads with exposure to the north, down into the valley 20 km from Shemshak.

There are also ski resorts, but most will not satisfy experienced skiers looking for challenging terrain. However, these – smaller than overnight – offer the chance to get off the road and mingle with local skiers. They are also the best place to set up base camp for a ski trip.

If you plan to travel there, you will not be disappointed. Iran is a mountainous country, with more than a hundred peaks above 4000m. Its two main mountain ranges, the Zagros and Alborz, cover a large area and offer excellent snow conditions, good highways and spectacular scenery.

But skiing in Iran is not just about skiing. A dive into one of the oldest worlds in the world. It is a country rich in culture, language and history. Therefore, Iran is very safe and Iranians will do everything to make you feel comfortable. Their generosity, kindness and generosity will amaze you.

Skiing In Iran

Depending on snow conditions, ski resorts are open between late November and early May. In southern Iran, the summer season is shorter, but lasts until the end of March.

January and February are the best if you want to try Persian powder. For a ski trip, the season can reach the end of May (until June).

If you are wondering if Iran is a safe country to visit, check out this page: Is Iran safe?

Everything is arranged and in case of an emergency, the hospital in Tehran will provide treatment before returning. Iran is not a third world country!

Reasons Why You Should Skip The Alps And Ski In Iran

Try to avoid breaking a leg in the middle of nowhere when skiing off-piste or on ski trips – It will definitely take longer to heal as in the Alps.

As anywhere in the country: snow + steep slopes = avalanche – Be careful and fully prepared before skiing off-piste. Hotels are not ready to deal with environmental problems. If there is a lot of snow, the lifts may be closed.

Every ski resort has at least one “shop”. If you’re not a skier, you can rent inner tubes from old trucks.

Don’t expect new gadgets to be found everywhere. Some stores in larger cities or in Tehran may offer rental equipment. The price for a day of skiing + boots varies from 15 € to 30 €. You can also rent technical clothes at an event.

Dizin Ski Resort (karaj)

In big cities, you can find shops that sell new equipment (skis, snowboards, clothes, boots…). Prices are lower in Europe.

All Iranians are very kind and intelligent people. They also have mountain spirit! To each their own, but the feedback of western travelers is clear: IRAN IS GREAT!

After-ski… some rules have to be respected in Iran. You will find many activities and activities to do… Don’t worry!

You can find a hotel, room, guesthouse or guesthouse for the night. In resort towns and cities, living can seem expensive compared to other living expenses.

Ski Trips On Offer To Iran, Iraq And Afghanistan This Winter

Since ski resorts are close to major cities, it’s easy to arrange a cultural trip during your ski trip to Iran.

Iranians love the outdoors and the country is a great playground: rock climbing, ice climbing, canyoning, paragliding, hiking, wilderness, surfing, wakeboarding, hunting, fishing, animal watching… It’s hard to get bored! Welcome to Fereydunshahr, the most Georgian of Iranian cities! Located in the middle of the Zagros mountain range in the center of Iran, since the 17th century in this region has been a community of Iranian Georgians. If you understand l’anglais, you are invited to refer to this wikipedia page.

Fereydunshahr is a small town of 15,000 people located at an altitude of more than 2,500 m, on the vast and spectacular Zagros plateau. The city is famous for its harsh winters and significant snowfall.

Skiers from the city of Isfahan regularly come to train here, when they are not participating in competitions in the big resorts in the north of Iran: Shemshak, Darbandsar and Dizin.

Iranian Boys And Girls Spending Their Free Time Skiing Stock Photo

The station is equipped with: 1x small télécorde for beginners; 1x ski lift allowing access to the top of the domain: 1x télésiège fixe deux places (permet only l’accès à une tyrolienne). The staff is super pro and meticulous! The slopes are groomed before each opening, the ski lift is well maintained, events are organized throughout the season and information is published regularly on the station’s Instagram page.

Due to a very steep slope, the top of the red piste is not fixed. From the summit, many off-piste tracks are accessible with relief movements in all directions. You can also count on highly motivated locals for rides – L’éclate!

Access to the station from Fereydunshahr is done in less than 10 minutes – Count 1$ on Taxi.

To get to Fereydunshahr, the easiest way is to take a bus from Isfahan which is located 200km east. The road is in excellent condition and is well cleared of snow throughout the winter.

Un: Skiing May Not Spread Coronavirus But Slopes Still Risky

It is also possible to come from Petit Station Chelgerd, via the town of Chadegan. Minibuses allow connections.

In the city of Fereydunshahr you will find what you need to stay for two weeks and in the shops everything you need.

At the foot of the slopes, the rectangular building also has rooms. The price and 20$ are poured into the room with 4 candles and two. Speak directly to reception or station staff for more information. Many officials have been posted at Darbandsar Ski Resort to ensure safety. [Mohammad Ali Najib/Al Jazeera]

At more than 3,000 m above sea level, Darbandsar Ski Resort is located in the Alborz Mountains in the shadow of Mount Damavand, Iran’s highest peak.

Ski In Iran

A favorite weekend destination for many Iranians, the resort is about an hour’s drive from the capital, Tehran. With the lifting of sanctions against Iran and the opening of the country to foreign visitors, Darbandsar could become the next destination for snow lovers around the world.

From November to May, Darbandsar (“mountain gate” in Persian) opens its doors to visitors for hiking, climbing, skiing and snowshoeing.

In some parts of the event, climbing must be done manually, with equipment such as crampons or snowshoes. [Mohammad Ali Najib/Al Jazeera]

After a day of sports, some guests go to the restaurant to relax and have a snack. [Mohammad Ali Najib/Al Jazeera]

Photos Of Iran’s Dizin Ski Resort

Iran has plenty of skiing and other winter sports for those who want to travel to the mountains north of Tehran. [Mohammad Ali Najib/Al Jazeera]

Currently, the number of skiers visiting Iran from abroad is not very high. [Mohammad Ali Najib/Al Jazeera]

Half the year, the mountain is open for hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding. [Mohammad Ali Najib/Al Jazeera]

After the nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions against Tehran, Iran hopes to increase the number of tourists. [Mohammad Ali Najib/Al Jazeera]1 of 5 Forough Abbasi of Iran speeds down the course during the women’s giant slalom at the World Ski Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021. (AP Photo / Marco Tacca ) 1 of 5 Iran’s Forough Abbasi races during the women’s giant slalom at the World Ski Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021. (AP Photo/Marco Tacca)

Iran Ski Touring (winter 2023)

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, Italy (AP) – When the wife of the coach of the Iranian Alpine team took advantage of a local law and prevented her husband from leaving the country, Samira Zargari grabbed her phone and continued remote training.

Zargari called his four athletes three times Thursday as they competed in the women’s giant slalom at the world championships in Italy — before the race, between races and at the end of the event.

“I am always proud of all the Iranian girls,” Zargari said in an interview with the Associated Press. “I love them.”

Zargari, 37, said her husband was having an affair with her best friend and asked her to agree to a divorce.

Iran Ski Resorts

“I couldn’t help myself,” Zargari said, adding that her husband was “always laughing (at) my work and my team.”

The couple had been together for five years, said Zargari, writing in the ski resort of Shemshak. He said his wife was born in the United States and is an American citizen.

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