Traditional Iranian Clothing

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Traditional Iranian Clothing

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Folk Fashion Index — Iranian Khorasani Kurdish Men In Traditional

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This bagtia dress includes skirt, blouse, hat and scarf (any color and design). This suit looks great for any occasion (cultural festivals, school plays or just your special occasions).

Men Wear Traditional Dresses Circa Isfahan, Iran. Editorial Image

Girls are 3 to 12 years old. Adult sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. If you have any questions about your size, contact me to choose the best size. Can you give me your measurements (total height, bust, waist, bust, hip, shoulder length), the size is perfect. We will prepare it specially for you.

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This dress is more beautiful in person. Everything is handmade and beautifully made. Thank you for working with me over the past few months in putting this project together, your patience has been effective in completing the Iran Heritage project!! I look forward to working with you on more projects in the near future. 💚🤍🦁🤍❤️

The Iranian clothes of these children were more beautiful in advertisements. The quality of the clothes is amazing – Rana uses beautiful satin and velvet. Satin color is very beautiful and vibrant. Rana was easy to work with and made sure the package arrived in time for Nowruz. My son’s mom loved this little dress and it was our family Christmas theme 🙂

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This type of information sharing may be considered a “sale” of information under California privacy laws. Opting out of personalized advertising opts you out of this “marketing”. Learn more in our Privacy Policy, Help Center, Cookies and Similar Technologies Policy. Different people in different cities and regions have special clothes. It is true that most people today wear about 70% of the same clothes and have very similar styles, but we cannot prove it, each ethnic group has its own style and clothes. There is an endless list of this type of clothing in Iran, which attracts the attention of every audience. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce you to the most beautiful Iranian women’s clothes.

You should know that the different weather conditions in Iran have affected the customs, culture and of course the clothing of each region and people. Unfortunately these days these types of clothes are rarely used and are produced very little and seem to be outdated.

Anyway, these clothes are the simple culture and history of our country and we should do our best to preserve them. There is a story behind every traditional dress of Iranian women, if you want to know more about them, stay with us.

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When it comes to women’s clothing, color is the most important thing. Because it is really colorful, many photographers come to this area to photograph the clothes of local women. Baloch women adorn their clothes with jamag (something similar to a blouse) and payamg (scarf), while men wear it with subtle taste using a long scarf (sarig) and tako (a type of tent). These women use earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. They use a lot of jewelry

Gilani women wear dresses, shirts, lovely skirts and large silk scarves with veils behind them. A-line skirts and waists are more noticeable. Gilani women wear two threads and it is interesting to know that these fillers have different names in different parts of Iran.

Some believe that the clothes of Shiraz women were made by several women of the city. Khos is a type of cloth made from silver cloth, and Khos textile industry was imported from India to Shiraz. It is used to decorate clothes, scarves, hats and children’s cloth. Shirazi women’s large Khos scarf is a very popular fabric of Shiraz local women. Khaos fabric is used in wedding dresses.

Abyaneh women’s fabric is one of the most popular women’s clothes in Iran. The local dress of Shiraz women includes dresses, shawls, scarves, hijabs, masks, socks and shoes (a type of shoes). Sometimes they use a night curtain made of square and rectangular silk fabric. Young girls use yellow curtains and old women use red curtains.

Isfahan Iran April 2017 Iranian Mullah Traditional Clothes Stands Courtyard

There are different types of Hormozgan women’s clothing; Kandura, Gavan, Ashkam, Nushtakh, Bartak, Ajam, Arabi and Saad, each gives a different feminine style. They usually cut the curtains in half and cover themselves or wear them like an Indian shawl. The new bridal veil has a special story, usually they use silk veils with green flowers and beautiful and decorated borders on the back. They also use a good curtain

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